Typo Generator

Use DigiGames Online Typo Generator to create 3 typos PER word, name or phrase. The Typo Generator allows you to upload your own Excel spreadsheet and then download the final version to your machine with the added typos.

Here are the instructions for use:

  • It is critical that your words are in COLUMN B. This is because your trivia question would be normally in column A. If you do not have any trivia questions, simply create a COLUMN A in your excel sheet and leave it blank. All your words HAVE to be in COLUMN B.
  • Click the "Chose File" button below.
  • Navigate to where your Excel file is located on your computer.
  • Select the Excel file, then click "Open".
  • Click the "Import" button to upload and import your Excel file.
  • This page will automatically download the file with typos in COLUMN C, D and E.
Typo Generator