ABCD Keypad

ABCD Keypad


abcd keypad


ABCD keypads and software from DigiGames allow you to:

  • Ask questions with multiple choice answers.
  • Collect surveys.
  • Poll the audience.
  • Allow all participants to answer every question (unlike a Jeopardy fast-finger format).
  • Take the pressure off solving answers.
  • Make it fun for all ages.
  • Perform talent shows and talent contests.


The trivia industry can be a hard one to crack! Having been part of it for the best part of two decades, we fully appreciate here at DigiGames how demanding, time consuming  and challenging it can be to launch a career as a trivia host, keep the business coming in and provide a good service every time. But having been in the trade for the best part of two decades, DigiGames offers an unrivaled service when ensuring that when it comes to variety and unique approaches, you are always at the top of tree.


When it comes to Trivia hosting variety truly is the spice of life and the range of products available from DigiGames certainly aid you in adding a bit of a difference to your trivia night and make sure that you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Items such as the ABCD Keypad can bring a whole new element to your trivia night and make sure that not only are you the talk of the town but that you are the one being booked . If you stick to the same format week after week then you will find customers become bored and may look elsewhere for a trivia host who is offering trivia with more variety! Enlist the help of the DigiGames products and you will find yourself avoiding this problem.


abcd wireless keypad


One way to add variety to your trivia night is to use items such as ABCD Keypad systems to bring in a whole new diverse system. These are technology driven devices that will lead your trivia night away from the standard pen and paper style quizzes into more exciting grounds. The trivia industry demands innovation and the customers and venue owners to some degree will expect you to have a certain level of technology evident in your hosting. The professional, easy to use and visually appealing nature of the ABCD Keypad items available from DigiGames will hit all these objectives.


Using the ABCD Keypad systems to add to your game/trivia show also means that you be a little more creative and involving with the questions and introduce some multi-choice style trivia. This really levels the playing field and means more players can get involved and your teams can at least have an answer to the questions you are posing. The scoring, tables and timings are all done for you too meaning your whole show goes without a hitch. DigiGames can also help with provision of content so fear not if you have a concern about the level of question setting ability that will be needed.


In the past, some trivia hosts have been put off using an ABCD Keypad due to the perceived difficulty with setting them up and getting them running. This should not be a concern to you at all with the DigiGames products which are user friendly, customer focused and aimed to have you up and running within a matter of minutes. Indeed, what you will find is that the investment in the ABCD Keypad will soon start to reap rewards as you watch the profits roll in!


DigiGames has been providing the latest, market leading and cutting edge products such as ABCD Keypad systems to the trivia industry for the best part of two decades and this is testament to the quality service provided. As well a the leading products DigiGames has an unrivaled level of support and customer service available to guide you through every step of the way. From the advice available before making your purchase to the ongoing support from the dedicated and expert team, you will never be left stranded by DigiGames. In addition, from a creative standpoint, DigiGames also offers a free daily support blog to give ideas, suggestions and tips on using your new products.



When all things are considered there can only be one sensible choice when it comes to ABCD Keypad purchasing. You need to go with a company that has a proven track record of reliability, that has a dedicated support network and that can guide you through every step of the way. If you seek quality and affordability then DigiGames is the choice for you, so without delay, get in touch with the  DigiGames team today

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