About Us

About Us

DigiGames is one of the leaders in the game and trivia industry, providing off the shelf and customized trivia game systems for over 10 years.

Situated in distraction-free North Dakota, USA, 15+ DigiGames personnel focus on product development and improvement, some who even use DigiGames equipment in the field to develop great performance techniques.

How did DigiGames get its start? Key DigiGames individuals saw the need in the mobile entertainment field for trivia. While local entertainers used the pen and paper method with limited effectiveness, we saw the need to bring the concept of mobile trivia to a new level. With years of development, wireless trivia products like the TM-120, 140, 190 and V-Station systems emerged as a trivia host's favorite.

How has DigiGames continued to be so successful over the years? DigiGames is never complacent with its products. We listen to our users, their ideas and suggestions. We don't sit back and simply manufacture the same products year after year when the needs of entertainers changes, the entertainment field is constantly evolving, and new technologies are constantly emerging which we often incorporate into our systems. As a result, DigiGames products have great appeal and functionality.

Why is trivia so effective? Trivia Games are Like Cookies. You cannot just stop at one. With the ever growing popularity of trivia, many entertainers, educators, event planners, and youth groups take advantage of the human need to attempt to answer life’s many questions. DigiGames users worldwide find their annual revenue is greatly increased by offering trivia to their booking clients. Often, mid-week bookings are secured to drive traffic to venues on slower nights. Consider using trivia at a local establishment for tournaments and turn your system into a money making machine. Educators and camp activities directors love our gear because trivia is a proven way to increase students’ scores. Additionally, our gaming systems are often used for fundraising and after-school activities.

Not Just A Kids Game. A major application of our products are for youths, however, all ages alike have equal fun participating. No need to be concerned about your hosting abilities. Put a youth in charge of hosting once in a while and spice up your show with the diversity of hosting styles.

Your Needs are Unique. The system you choose to buy, the software games you use, the questions you add, the culture in your area, your overall hosting style, and your personal goals make your needs truly unique. As such, the sales and engineering staff stay tuned into these needs and supply products of high quality and versatility. Our wireless lockout buzzers, TV-Style software games, and our support come together as a fantastic package.

We Can Come to You. Local organizations and convention/trade show planners frequently ask us to give seminars on how trivia parties can be a profitable tool for their industry. We are actively involved in many conventions. Most conventions we attend are entertainment based and occur throughout the year in the USA and Europe. For more info Click Here.

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