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  • Are you a trivia host looking to spice up your routine and add some variety to your events?
  • Are you finding it tricky to secure bookings and get customers interested in your product and events?


Then here at DigiGames we can help you with a batch of exciting, interesting and, more importantly affordable games, for your events.  Whether you are looking for a video game system based on a current game show or seeking something that can be customised to create whatever  your imagination can muster, DigiGames is here to ensure you have everything you need.



  • DigiGames is proud to be a market leader when it comes to the supply of equipment, technology and content to trivia hosts across the globe. Whether you are looking to stage a large scale quiz event or a small bar based trivia night then DigiGames will be able to assist you in providing affordable games for your customers to enjoy.  
  • We fully appreciate that the trivia industry is very competitive with increasingly more trivia hosts seeking increasingly diminishing bookings.  Starting in the business can be costly with overheads, initial outlays on equipment and the wait for the money to start rolling in, but if you trust the knowledge, expertise and experience of DigiGames then you will have the advantage of having a company on your side who have your best interests at heart.
  • Trivia hosting can be daunting and financially intimidating but fear not, whatever you are seeking DigiGames can provide!



Affordable Buzzers


Our most popular affordable buzzers include:


Our various wireless buzzer options allow you to do fast finger and multiple choice questions and answers without breaking the bank.  The best part is that software games are included!

We understand the needs of the trivia market and ensure our customers have the latest games to add to their systems. Many of the systems come with extensive customization options that allow even the most techno-phobic trivia hosts to create unique games to satisfy your audience needs. Trivia hosting is all about catering to the needs of the audience.  What works well with one audience may not work well with another, so you need to have that flexibility built in to the systems and the affordable games on offer from Digigames ensure you have no restrictions.  Perhaps you are stronger coming up with trivia content than you are with systems and game styles…..never fear, Digigames can provide you with systems with built in games, all easy to run and navigate.


DigiGames - Affordable Buzzers Games

At DigiGames we take pride in ensuring that every aspect of the affordable games which we provide are the highest quality and will satisfy not only your needs but also the needs of your customers. The games are stacked with expertly written trivia questions with many more available. Devised by trivia hosts with experience and dedication the unique brand of questions and exclusive content will ensure your trivia requirements are catered for and beyond. Too many trivia hosts fall down because they put the effort into the technology and presentation of the quiz and tend to ignore the quality of the quiz itself. The most successful trivia hosts do the opposite and the affordable games which Digigames provide can be backed up with content that will entertain, inform and most importantly keep your customers returning week after week.


Many trivia hosts are put off by the impending cost and perceived hassle of launching into the industry but there is no need to be. DigiGames’ mission is to ensure that life is made as easy possible for our customers and the initial outlay is much lower than you will expect and you certainly will be receiving more for you money than you can imagine. Above all else, as mentioned, the products are tried and testesd, and has withstood the rigors of many industry types for nearly 2 decades.  All of our wireless buzzer and game show system options are cutting edge and affordable without the need to be a computer whizz to get them up and running. Support is always on hand from the dedicated customer service team if need but the systems are so user friendly, and made with YOU in mind,  that you will be up and running without any hassle or stress.


Affordable Buzzers Games - For Every Occasion

It doesn't matter the occasion you will be using the buzzers with.  If there are people present you can be assured it will be an instant hit!  No one can resist pressing a buzzer when they see it.   It doesn't matter how young or old they are.  This is the magic of a wireless buzzer system, along with some fun trivia questions, and of course YOU.... a fun game show host!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are seeking affordable games that will add variety, entertainment and interest to your trivia night then look no further than DigiGames. With round the clock customer service, expert question setters and a wide range of tried and tested experience in the industry, looking elsewhere would be a foolish move!  Give us a call today and see how our buzzers will put more money into our pocket immediately.

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