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  • Are you confused by all the answer buzzer systems available on the market today?
  • Are you seeking a way to ensure you are getting the maximum enjoyment for your customers?
  • Are you looking to create a professional and game show TV event?


Then using an answer buzzer may be the option for you. The trivia industry is moving fast in terms of technology and as a trivia host, or when planning a one off trivia event, you need to ensure you are keeping up with the competition.  DigiGames has nearly 2 decades experience in providing high quality answer buzzer systems to all manner of customers and with this proven, tried and tested experience then you would be foolish to look elsewhere.




An answer buzzer added to your trivia repertoire will bring in new customers, attract a different kind of crowd and give your trivia hosting a professional and committed appeal. If people can see you are trying to be different and putting the time, effort and indeed money into making your night more enjoyable, then they are more likely to hire you for events.


Answer Buzzer Systems - Wireless Quiz Buzzers

Are you hosting an academic buzzer quiz such as  quiz bowl style event? Then an answer buzzer is a must. In these types of events, or indeed if you are running any sort of serious trivia event, the answer buzzers will get a significant amount of use and wear and tear is inevitable. In terms of efficient the likes of the Trivia Cubes and other such answer buzzers available from DigiGames will not let you down. Durable, reliable and constructed with the user in mind, these products will still be working hard long into the event and even if your players let you down, the answer buzzer won’t!

Answer Buzzer


Do you work in an educational or training establishment? Are you using trivia as part of your lessons and learning experience? Then having an answer buzzer certainly will enhance the overall experience.  Children and young adults will enjoy the interactivity available from the use of an answer buzzer and will be more enthralled by the content. It will certainly help them remember the content you are delivering more if they are having fun learning and having such buzzer systems will certainly help!


Wireless Answer Buzzer Systems

Are you looking to use trivia to boost staff morale or reinforce staff training? Then answer buzzers may be the answer for you. Forget about the long boring training sessions or the typical staff morale boosting activities that have been done time and time before. Staff will respond better to more interactive and fresh games.  Investing in wireless answer buzzer systems available from DigiGames will certainly help you get over that all important training message.


The Trivia Cubes (pictured above) provided by DigiGames are a perfect example of an appealing and durable option. These exciting wireless answer buzzer systems to add to any of the above occasions. Easy to use, install and set up they provide a professional and game show feel to the whole occasions and also certainly won’t break the bank!


Other Answer Buzzer Options

Perhaps the standard answer buzzer is not for you and you want something a little more interactive or a little more unique to really make your trivia night go with a bang. Then fear not, DigiGames can provide innovative and creative systems based around the buzzer concept that can make your trivia occasions be the talk of the town. Games such as Clobber and Trivia Towers, as well as Trivia Pads, are all tried and tested pieces of equipment which will enhance your trivia night. As with all DigiGames products they are affordable, reliable and constructed with the user in mind, combined with the customization options that mean you can take your trivia hosting to whatever level you desire!


Having an answer buzzer, as you can see, therefore adds a great deal to the whole trivia experience and with the quality, tried and tested and affordable products available from DigiGames, you can enhance your trivia hosting regardless of the setting or your own budget! With round the clock support and a proven track record of quality and consistency DigiGames products will never let you down . From start to finish, a hassle free, customer focused experienced aimed at making your event planning and management as easy as humanly possible.

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