Answer Buzzers

Answer Buzzers

  • Maybe you have reached a point in your trivia hosting career where the pen and paper based games have become mundane?
  • Has attendance began to fall at your quiz events?
  • Have you been booked for a trivia event and are looking for ideas on making it as unique and enjoyable as possible?


Then an investment in answer buzzers for your customers to compete with may well be the smartest decision you have made.


Answer Buzzers


In a normal bar trivia environment, trivia hosts and venue owners alike are always looking for new ways to bring in customers and attract players to their quiz. Hundreds of quizzes and trivia events take place in any given city on any given night and the aim is always to make sure that the night you are hosting is the best attended, most fun and takes advantage of the available technology. Using answer buzzers, as available from DigiGames, will sure help you in this quest. Whether you are looking to use the standard Trivia Pads (pictured above), the innovative and exciting Trivia Cubes (pictured below) or more unique systems such as Clobber, whatever your needs are you will find DigiGames can meet them.


One fear trivia hosts have had it the past regarding using items and technology such as answer buzzers are the technical knowledge needing to set them up. But that is no more….gone are the days when you required a PHD to set up a simple buzzer system and nowadays even with the most basic computer knowledge you can have a buzzer system set up within a matter of minutes and have your answer buzzers all ready to go, And even if you encounter any problems, with a round the clock customer service team, you have immediate help on hand to ensure your trivia night can run smoothly and easily.


Answer Buzzers in the Classroom


Are you a trainer looking to educate within a classroom setting or perhaps convey a set of information to colleagues or staff members? Sessions will be easier to run and information will more likely be remembered if you make the training interactive and with the trainee in mind. Hence, the use of answer buzzers will create a unique dynamic and really engage people in the sessions. With DigiGames products you can be assured these products will stand the test of time so a simple investment now will reap rewards for future sessions.


Answer Buzzers for Training


In a classroom, answer buzzers can be even more effective.

  • Are you struggling to get the children engaged in the session?
  • Is the content proving difficult to drive home in the minds of the learners?
  • Do students tend to do poorly in a least favorite subject?


Then using answer buzzers can again help to engage them in the process and aid in the memory. Children are far more likely to remember information and content of lessons if they have been actively involved in a trivia type test towards the session, rather than if they have just been left to listen endlessly to your teaching. Using trivia in the classroom is being used across the land by teachers of all grades and ages so without delay, get investing today!



As with all DigiGames products any of the answer buzzers, whether they be the standard versions or the more off the wall creations such as Clobber, come with a lifetime guarantee, lifetime updates and a dedicated customer service team on hand to support you every step of the way from setting up the buzzers for the first time to any problems you encounter.  In addition, the DigiGames wireless buzzers blog provides a daily array of tips, updates and advice on how you can develop your trivia nights and make full use of all your fancy equipment.


So, what are you waiting for? Trivia hosts across the land are stepping up their game investing in technology and answer buzzers from a key part of this. Don’t get left behind, invest today in the array of products available from DigiGames and there will be no looking back! Once you start investing in technology you will begin to reap the rewards and you will see how fast you will start to see a return on your initial investments. As the products are affordable you can start making money without breaking the bank. Makes so much business sense you would be a fool not to!

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