Audience Poll Pro - Audience Polling Software

Audience Poll Pro - Audience Polling Software

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Audience Poll Pro is an audience polling software program supporting the Trivia Pads (Model TM-140).

  • Are you looking for a reliable, adaptable and innovative tool to poll your audience members at your next trivia event?
  • Maybe you wish to enhance your business by polling the audience for opinions?
  • Perhaps you are a seminar leader and wish to check learning of your pupils?
  • Or maybe you are running a trivia night and want to get your audience involved “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” style?
  • Whatever the occasion, whatever the purpose for audience polling then Audience Poll Pro is the tool you are looking for.

DigiGames is proud to be a market leader in the field of trivia technology and Audience Poll Pro is yet another entertaining, creative and exciting innovation put together by a team with vast experience in the trivia industry. By handing simple devices to your audience, like our ABCD audience response Trivia Pads, you can use Audience Poll Pro for a wide range of tasks. The options are endless:

  • Involve your audience in the trivia occasions so that EVERYONE is playing.
  • Utilize the audience in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire style occasions to poll their answers.
  • Split the audience into groups and have them face off in a mass trivia battle.
  • Use Audience Poll Pro to gather data, information and feedback on your events.
  • Education industry? Use Audience Poll Pro to test your learners throughout the sessions.


Audience Polling Possibilities

  • You can split your audience in half, guys against gals, and have as many as 25 people per team.
  • Or you can have 3 teams at a wedding - bridesmaids against groomsmen, against in-laws answering questions about the bride and groom.
  • Or make 5 teams of 10 people.
  • Or 10 teams of 5 people.
  • With 2-10 teams selectable and support up to 50 Trivia Pads, the possibilities are endless of the different styles of games your imagination will take you.

These are a mere handful of options and like with the full DigiGames range, the only limit to what you can do with Audience Poll Pro is your imagination.

Once the information is gathered it can be shown, collated or viewed quickly and easily in tables and a graph meaning, as a host, your workload is reduced dramatically. No tallying, no counting and no complex sum...simply ask the question, allow the audience to answer and sit back and relax. Let Audience Poll Pro do the hard work!

DigiGames prides itself on making products customizable to ensure the user can turn their trivia event into a unique and personalized occasion and Audience Poll Pro is no expectation. With a range of features to spice up your event including the ability to add your logo, the ability to add your own questions, customizable sound effects and the opportunity to adjust game rules, you can be guaranteed a sense of freedom and personal creativity that you simply don't get with other products. Whatever your needs for polling your audience, Audience Poll Pro is the only choice you need to make.

As with all DigiGames products you can count on reliable, effective and entertaining products from a team who have been at the forefront of trivia technology for over 15 years. With a passionate and enthusiastic customer service team on hand to aid you through every step of your journey, you can be confident of a hassle free, easy and profitable experience with Audience Poll Pro.

So if you are looking for that extra edge to your trivia event that will get the audience involved or you just want to gather information from them then Audience Poll Pro is exactly what you are looking for.

Audience Poll Pro is compatible only with the Trivia Pads (Mode TM-140) with support for QandAtime currently in the works!

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.

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