Audience Polling Software

Audience Polling Software

Getting the audience involved is vital at any trivia show. The minute you start the loose the audience is the minute you start to risk them walking out and never coming back. Therefore, you have to constantly think of innovating and exiting ways to keep them engaged. This is not as easy as it may seem, but alas, help is on hand to guide you through every step of the way via DigiGames, a market leader of the best part of two decades.

  • Are you looking for a way to truly enhance your trivia nights?
  • Do you want your audiences going away raving about your trivia night?
  • Are you looking for a way to engage all your players in every question asked?


Then one way sure fire to ensure that this happens is to invest in the Audience Polling Software available from DigiGames!


audience polling software


Why choose DigiGames for your Audience Polling Software? Well the answer is simple, experience. Where else will you find a company that has been providing market leading equipment and software to trivia companies for the best part of two decades. To be in the game for so long, you have to do something right, and DigiGames certainly has legions of customers who are pleased with the level of service available and in awe at the fantastic products available. In addition to having the finest, most user friendly products on the market, what you will always be assured from DigiGames is the highest level of customer support to assist you every step of the way. From the decision in buying the product to the installation and running of the device, you will never be left alone with an ABCD keypad. The best team in the industry will be there to help you out whatever your needs.

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Audience Polling Software Options


There are many options available on the market today, but whatever your needs are DigiGames has them all covered.  Indeed, the key factor involved in the benefits of using DigiGames for your Trivia needs is the simple fact that the Audience Polling Software and other such software is made with you in mind…the user. Our audience polling software games work seamlessly with our audience polling keypads.  You do not need a degree in computing or buzzer experience to utilize our products and even a novice can have an audience polling game set up within a matter of minutes. Indeed, nor will you break the bank purchasing the software. You will find the cost is affordable, with finance available on hand, and hence you can start making a good profit from your initial investment and watch your business grow.


audience polling with a cellphone


The Audience Polling Software will add a new dimension for your games play. In standard bar trivia, they will enable you to bring in a new kind of game including multiple choice answers, which add a whole new element to your trivia night. In fact, you can even combine the software games for polling with some of the other fantastic products available from DigiGames such as the Trivia Pads and QandAtime cellphone trivia to create even more unique games.  You can combine it with game show bar systems that mimic the shows such as who wants to be a millionaire to create a truly memorable and  unique experience. In addition, if you are running a more glitzy and glamorous trivia occasion then DigiGames software games can be used in conjunction with the keypads make sure everyone can get involved.  Check out this video to watch QandAtime cellphone trivia game in action.


Audience Polling Software Versatility


But don’t restrict yourself to thinking that Audience Polling Software is just good for the bar trivia or trivia show events. The software is ideal for those of you looking to run training seminars, audience feedback sessions of indeed used in the classroom. What better way to make your classroom more fun and dynamic than to have a system that gets all the learners involved and playing along? You really cannot beat the fun, interaction and enjoyment that hardware with Audience Polling Software can bring it your occasion no matter what it is!


So, when you consider everything from the affordable prices, the quality products, the industry experience and the outright overall service you would be foolish to look anywhere else for software that supports audience polling….why try the best when you can attach yourself to the market leader  who you known will never let you down? Browse the DigiGames catalog, or better yet give us a call, for your trivia software needs today and see how we can help turn your business around and raise those profit levels.

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