Bingo Game Show

Bingo Game Show


Being a trivia host is a demanding and difficult job with the constant need to keep things fresh to keep the bookings, and customers, coming in. Without innovation your product will become stale and customers will find somewhere else to get their kicks. So, as a trivia host you need to constantly think outside of the box and add new strings to your bow and develop a service that meets the industry needs. This is where DigiGames can help. With vast experience aiding trivia show hosts and entertainers alike we can guide you in what it takes to be successful with the finest available products.

  • Do you want to run bingo game show style events? No problem.
  • Do you need bingo game show software to boost your bingo game show nights? That’s what we are here for!
  • Is bingo popular in your area?  Face it, wherever you go there are bingo tournaments to be found.


There can be only one choice when it comes to this field…DigiGames.


bingo game show


DigiGames Extreme Bingo is the perfect tool for any bingo game show style format.  Extreme Bingo allows you to:

  • Import music for 'name that tune' shows.
  • Import videos for 'name that video' shows.
  • Import pictures for 'name the president', 'name the city skyline', 'name the famous actor/actress', 'name the politician' style shows.
  • Add your own trivia questions and answer for a trivia bingo game.
  • Create Traditional Bingo games.  No longer any need to carry around a bingo drum and balls.


....16 variations of different game play!


DigiGames has been around for the past two decades, providing the finest equipment to entertainers and trivia hosts alike to enable them to constantly keep their shows fresh and bring in the business (and of course make all the profit!) Even if you don’t have the best creativity to come up with innovative and exciting games to captivate your audience, then DigiGames is at hand to help you create a dynamic and exciting bingo game show or suchlike, to really entertain the people in front of you. Different audiences demand diversity, not the same thing time and time again.  DigiGames appreciates that.  As a trivia host myself this is one of the toughest elements of your job! But with the bingo game show ideas and other such equipment available from DigiGames, and solid customization, means you can adapt as your audience demands.


Bingo Cards Options

In addition to the variations of game play mentioned above, our Extreme Bingo tool also makes your bingo cards for you!  

  • You can make the cards in the size you desire, customize fonts, font colors, backgrounds, gradients, cell color, header and footer color, and more.
  • Watermark the bingo cards with your logo.  You can adjust size and position of the watermark.
  • Put your logo in the center square.
  • Print 1, 2 or 4 cards per page.
  • Print different games on the same page, for different rounds.


Your choice to use DigiGames when you are hunting for systems such as bingo game show is the easiest choice you will ever make. Where else are you going to be able to find a company that has been providing the latest, most cutting edge and most reliable products to the trivia industry for the best part of 20 years? Where else are you going to be able to have round the clock, expert customer service? Where else can you find affordable, professional and high quality material that isn’t going to break the bank? In addition to all of this you will be seeking a system that is easy to set up and run and provides you with the most hassle free experience possible. Then you really do have to look no further than DigiGames


Bingo Game Show Affordability

It is more affordable now than ever before to start your own business hosting game shows.  There are 2 options to consider:

Rent Extreme Bingo

Buy Extreme Bingo


The key to DigiGames success has been the professionalism, reliability and affordability of the products on offer. Not only do the products look great, leading the market with the technology embedded and providing you with the customization that you need but the price will astonish you with the level of affordability. You will see an almost immediate return on your investment and with a lifetime of updates guaranteed you will always be one step ahead of the field. In addition, the support on hand is unrivaled and with the longevity of the company you can trust that we are always going to be around to support you. DigiGames has a dedicated customer service team who can provide you with any help you require as well as a dedicated online blog with daily updates to provide hints, tips and advice on getting the most out of your products such as your bingo game software.  

Extreme Bingo


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Creating your own bingo game show has never been easier than with DigiGames software. Not only, as we stated above, is everything designed with a user friendly, customer pleasing approach but the levels of customization options that are present in each and every DigiGames product means you can create a bingo game show that is unique to you and suits your audience. Forget about being consigned to the standard set-ups and restrictive elements…..the only limit with a DigiGames product is your imagination.


Thus, head over to the DigiGames site now to see what equipment and tools await for you to be able to create your professional, reliable and profit making bingo game show. If you want to support, reliability and professionalism combined with only the finest quality trivia products than going anywhere else other than DigiGames would be a foolish mistake to make.

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