Bingo Projector Software

Bingo Projector Software

In the trivia world, to be successful, you need to expand your horizons and add as many strings to your bow as possible. Branching out, adding variety and becoming a multi-operational entertainment host is a vital step in turning your hobby into a fully fledged, profitable and engaging business that will attract bookings, appeal to players and turn your hosting services into the talk of the town. DigiGames here  to help you every step along the way so whether you are looking for ideas or have your mind set on items such as bingo projector software, first rate and market leading help is on hand.


  • In the current market place you need to stand out, not only in your hosting skills and the way you sell yourself, but in the products you intend to use when you are carrying out your hosting services, especially when it comes to bingo game shows.
  • You need to finest products on your side to develop your business and having a selection of DigiGames hardware and software to hand, including the innovative bingo projector software, means that you will truly be at an advantage.
  • Professional, robust and effective to utilize it makes every sense investing in DigiGames products as its an investment in your future.
  • You simply won’t find the range of products, the quality, the commitment to high standards and the large customer focus anywhere else other than DigiGames.


DigiGames understands fully that any bingo projector software needs to be user friendly, visually appealing, customer focused, easy to work and hassle free for the trivia host and we pride ourselves on that factor each and every time we bring a product to the market for your viewing.

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The Profitability of Bingo Projector Software


It is easy to make Extreme Bingo "specialty nights" to include:

  • 80s music
  • 90s Jams
  • 50s, 60s, & 70s Classics
  • Motown Sounds & Party Favorites
  • Rodeo Bingo (Country music)
  • Hollywood Favorites (music from the Movies)
  • Millennium Classics (the 2000s)
  • One hit Wonders
  • Bar Anthems
  • Say My Name (all songs contain a name)
  • Around the World (all songs relate to a location)
  • Love songs (all songs have the word "Love" in the title)
  • World of colors (all songs have a color in the title)
  • Make specialty rounds for younger audiences – our Kids Star and Kids Beat games cover all of today’s hits, and are perfect for any party!


DigiGames has been providing equipment and devices such as Extreme Bingo, which is our leading bingo projector software to entertainment hosts for the best part of 20 years and you simply don’t survive in this industry for that long without offering a truly unique service. With constant innovative and constant desire to stand out amongst the rest, DigiGames prides itself on being the market leader. Where DigiGames dares to tread, others follow  and why sample the imitators when you can get on board with the market leaders and trend setters who stand out over other bingo software game companies.


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What is on offer from DigiGames when it comes to bingo projector software? As with all DigiGames products you are guaranteed quality, professionalism and reliability and that your initial purchase will be backed up by a lifetime of updates so you are always at the cutting edge. The range of products you can use with your bingo projector software are incredible and DigiGames is always innovative more. Whether you are looking to add spice to your bingo game by using the DigiGames Extreme Bingo, or you are looking to add trivia bingo to use with your bingo projector software or even more innovative music based rounds, the options are endless. Not only are these established set ups available but as with all DigiGames products the range of customization means that when it comes to your bingo projector software you can be playing any array of games your mind can fathom.


Why Purchase Bingo Projector Software?

What is more, when choosing to invest in DigiGames  you always have help on hand with the bingo projector software. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and you will always have a lifetime of updates to back you up. As well as this, you have a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team on hand to guide you every step of the way from your initial purchase to running the bingo projector software for the first time. It is all hassle free….add in to the mix the range of support, hints and advice available from the daily support blog and you have an all round package that is unrivaled.


Extreme Bingo Main Features:



  • Works with your Media for Music Bingo, Video Bingo, Picture Bingo - Music, video pictures, trivia and more to create and save an unlimited number of Bingo sessions.
  • Play Trivia Bingo - Extreme Bingo allows you to add trivia questions and answers. Answers appear randomly across the players cards and trivia question appear on the video screen. Players solve the answer and hope to find the answer on their card. Players play to solve 5 trivia answers in a row (or any other pattern you specify) to win.
  • Standard Bingo - If you have to transport a huge Bingo drum and bingo balls to an event, leave it at home! Extreme Bingo provides an electronic method of the SAME thing.
  • Generates Bingo cards - Each card is unique and completely random. Print as many cards as you need.
  • Leave Your Printer at Home - Print your Extreme Bingo cards in advance and bring them with you to your show. Laminate the cards and save on printing costs.
  • Completely Random - Each Extreme Bingo session you play will be fresh and unique, even with the same song catalogs you create.
  • Automatic Card Checking - When a player has a Bingo, enter the card ID into Extreme Bingo, and Extreme Bingo will confirm it for you automatically.
  • Fast Shows or Dance Shows - Control the Pace - When doing Music Bingo or Video Bingo you can play an entire song/video, or a portion of a song/video. You decide how long each song/video plays and how much pause time between them. A speed control allows you to make popular tunes more difficult to solve.
  • Dual Monitor Capable - Connects to a projector and makes great use of your computer's video out. Pictures, video, trivia questions, your logo.....whatever you want will show on the projector screen.
  • Perfect for Fundraisers - Host at any school or other fund raising events. Charge $5 to $10 per card for people to play.
  • Completely Customizable - Easily add into the software your own company name, logo, website info and more.
  • Customizable Bingo Cards - Put your own messages within the Bingo cards top and bottom banners (headers and footers). This is a great way to brand Bingo cards with your company name, website, phone number or even sell advertising messages.


Hence, when all things are duly considered ranging from the experience of DigiGames in the market, the reliable and quality products, the innovative games and customization options and the high level of trustworthy and effective support, then you cannot really argue that when it comes to investing in a company for bingo projector software, then DigiGames should always be the first choice. Without delay, browse the DigiGames site today and see how we can make your entertainment hosting activities considerably easier!

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