Bingo Software for Mac

Bingo Software for Mac


The world of entertainment and trivia hosting is an ultra-competitive, fast changing and demanding industry in which only those with the foresight to invest wisely, adapt their services and branch out to suit the market will survive. It you are not prepared to change then prepare to fail and in this day and age trivia hosting alone may not be enough to keep your business going an instead you may need to branch out into the world of multi-operational services. Whether this be DJ services or providing other game’s such as bingo then you must be prepared to adapt.

  • Do you want to make as much profit as possible from your trivia related entertainment business?
  • Do you want to add variety, such as a bingo game show, to what services you can offer to customers to increase your bookings?
  • Perhaps you are already adding other services in your trivia hosting and need new innovative bingo software ?


Then if you are using a mac DigiGames bingo software for mac is about to change your life….


bingo software for mac


DigiGames Bingo Software for Mac

Our Mac version of Extreme Bingo is used by entertainers and educators around the world.  Windows-based users will also appreciate the same features as the Mac version.  Regardless of whether you are using a Mac or Windows based machine you will love these features:


  • No Deafening Silence - People who like traditional Bingo LOVE Extreme Bingo. Extreme Bingo takes all the silence out of a very fun and popular bingo game.
  • Get Creative - You can specify "5 in a row win" or you can specify many other pattern variations like Kite, Picture Frame, X, L, T, Around the World, Blackout, or any other pattern you wish! Extreme Bingo even lets you customize your own winning patterns!
  • Single-winner and multi-winner capable - Extreme Bingo also allows you to stop after a player has a bingo or continue for multiple winners per round.
  • Music Bingo is the most popular format, however Extreme Bingo allows for 16 variations of playing - and growing!
  • Custom Card Sizes - Print 1, 2, or 4 cards per page Specify 1x1, 2x2.......5x5 cards (traditional) or any variation in between like 3x5.
  • Supports Karaoke - Extreme Bingo supports mp3+g files so that you can have singers singing the songs instead of playing the real version. Since players will be singing the songs at their tables anyways, why not put a microphone in the audience for crowd interaction? This takes Music Bingo to a new level with audience participation.
  • Playlists Supported - If you have another software program and you have created .m3u playlists, the playlist file can be imported into Extreme Bingo with a single click.
  • Support - A great product is important. The support you may need is just as important, if not MORE important. Ask us a question, get stuck, whatever....we are here to help you. Also, updates are free for life which means that the many cool things that we will be adding to Extreme Bingo you don't have to pay a penny for! Additionally, if you have an idea or suggestions we love to hear them. You might just see it implemented into Extreme Bingo!


Why Add Bingo Software to your lineup?


In this day and age, customers and those booking entertainment services expect a certain degree of technology embedded into your services. This is true especially for those seeking bingo projector software for Mac based computer system.  There is an expectation of quality and cheap and nasty products will no longer suffice. What you need to ensure is that your players are given the finest products otherwise they will soon realize that you aren’t taking things seriously. For example, if you are running a bingo related night then the bingo software for mac available from DigiGames is going to impress your players and customers. Our Extreme Bingo game has a professional approach, a unique look and a diverse nature that will ensure your customers have a fun, engaging and professional time.


When are seeking a product such as bingo software for mac to aid your services and business then there are a few key elements you need to make sure it works? Affordability, usability and function….DigiGames hits the target and more on all three.  Go on…take a browse through the DigiGames products and you will see that the prices offer value. Considering you are getting software such as the bingo software for mac for such a bargain price with all the experience and knowledge behind it from a company who has been in the industry for the best part of 20 years you really cannot go wrong.


bingo software for mac

Customize your own WATERMARK and logo the CENTER SQUARE with Extreme Bingo


Indeed, the other key aspect of the bingo software for mac that will surprise you is its sheer usability. The product themselves are cutting edge, with market leading technology and a lifetime of updated but this does not mean they are a nightmare to use. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The systems such as the innovative and exciting bingo software for mac are devised in a way that will suit the audience and suit you. Within minutes, even the biggest techno-phobic quiz host can have the bingo software for mac up and running. It is easy for your customers to use, easy for you to use and provides a hassle free experience for all. With this in mind you should be ordering from DigiGames right now….


Are you still not convinced? Are you still not sure about investing with the market leading DigiGames company? When you see how customizable the bingo software for mac is then that should be the final straw to convince you. The system is built on the idea that every audience is difference and what works in one venue does not necessarily work in another hence we have allowed the DigiGames systems to be developed  in a way that means the only limit is your imagination. With customer service support on hand from your team of experience and knowledge experts then you can be in doubt that you will have a system that you can use and have running in minutes. Our daily support blog also offers the latest hints, tips and advice from experienced trivia hosts.


Extreme Bingo


So when all is considered and you are looking to invest in bingo software for mac to boost your business and ensure you are giving your customers the most enjoyable experience and that you are ensuring the bookings keep coming then DigiGames can be the only choice. Don’t delay, try out our demo software games, including Extreme Bingo today….

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