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The Perfect Affordable Buzzer System

Are you looking for the finest, most reliable and most innovative buzzer systems on the market place to thrill your audiences and have venue owners lining up to hire you? Then you have come to the right place!

DigiGames has produced buzzer systems for a wide variety of trivia based events from standard bar trivia, to serious trivia contest to annual events in schools, clubs and business.  We can provide you with products to suit any occasion. Our wireless buzzer systems are used worldwide by various entertainers, school teachers, event planners, cruise ships, bridal consultants, employee trainers and team-building companies. All are making money, enhancing events and building their businesses with your quality products and buzzer systems, so the time is right for you to achieve this to!


buzzer system

TM-140 Audience Response Keypad

The buzzer systems available from DigiGames allows you to create a truly unique experience with an endless array of customization options at your finger tips. In the past our satisfied customers have been able to create an array of games and systems using the innovative DigiGames products including -

  • Using the wireless buzzer systems for training applications - where the buzzer system can be used to notify the speaker if there are any questions
  • Integrating game type scenarios in the classroom or office
  • Incorporating quizzes where the buzzer systems are used to lock out other contestants to answer questions
  • Audience response type situations where the buzzer systems can be used by the audience to respond

Buzzer System

How Host Remote Wireless Buzzers Work

DigiGames prides itself on not only producing products which are affordable and reliable, but we always ensure that the products available are easy to use and run meaning you are able to get an effective buzzer system running in a matter of minutes!

  1. The host would ask a question. Participants can then 'buzz in' with their answers by pressing on the wireless buzzer.
  2. The participant to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer blink (certain models blink or light up), signaling that he or she has the 'go-ahead' to answer the question. All other participant buzzers do not light up to signify that their buzzers are deactivated.
  3. If answer is wrong the host would press the CONTINUE button on the host remote. Any incorrect player's buzzer will be locked out and they cannot ring in again. Any other incorrect contestants during the question session are also locked out.
  4. If a contestant answer is correct the host would press the RESET button and all the buzzers will release and a new question session can begin.

Buzzer Game show system

Game show system with software

How Computer Controlled Buzzer Systems Work

The computer controlled buzzer systems work with the Game Show Software that is included with most DigiGames systems. The Party Pack Software includes: Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Fortune, Trivia Squares and has licenses for 2 computers. The computer will then control the locking and unlocking of the buzzer system depending on the game you are playing.


Indeed, given the range of customization available you can truly create a game that suits your audience. Whether that be an annual gathering at a business meeting, a classroom based event or a weekly trivia quiz in a bar you can create a game that will suit, entertain and thrill all your players!


Integrating Buzzer Systems - Work Place

Indeed, another aspect of what makes the DigiGames systems so effective are the ways in which you can add them to your workplace. Are you looking for ways to boost staff morale or perhaps really get across that training idea? Even if it just as simple as boosting teamwork by adding in teamwork activities you will find buzzer systems suit your every need!

Wireless buzzer game show systems can be integrated into the workplace in many different situations. These included:

  • Engage audiences by incorporating into activities for presentations
  • Integrating into power point presentations to interaction with your audience
  • Marketing Strategy: As an integrated game at trade shows, conferences, fairs, or retail locations
  • Optimize workplace and corporate training through different learning solutions


Integrating Buzzer Systems - Education

Are you in a classroom and struggling to get your learners engaged? Do you want to make sure you know that the learners understand the key elements of the lesson? Are you seeking to create a competitive edge that will truly enhance learning? Then look no further than a buzzer system from DigiGames

It is easy to incorporate buzzer games for classrooms with a wireless game system from DigiGames.Some applications of game show systems include:

  • Develop interactive activities to summarize the course materials
  • Speed testing and training for math problems
  • Develop a game show system to show knowledge for information learned about a subject
  • Allow students to create interactive games and projects for other students


For a listing of all our wireless buzzers visit:


Without delay, when you consider the reliability, usability and innovative nature of the products available, combine that with the experience of the best part of two decades in the industry and throw in the market-leading products....there can really be only one option when it comes to buzzer systems and that's DigiGames!

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