Custom Built Game Show Systems, Timing and Scoring

Custom Built Game Show Systems, Timing and Scoring


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Custom DigiGames Game Show System


Whether you are making television shows, apps or running events in bars, the world of Trivia is a challenging place. Competition, innovation and quality are all key components of what is proving to be a creative, lucrative yet demanding industry. How can you make that next breakthrough? How can you take be the one who hits on that next trivia idea that sparks a generation of interest? What you need are people who have been there, done it and bought the t-shirt. People with an experience of quality, delivering success and building on innovation. That is where DigiGames can help you!


Custom built game system


Custom Built Game Show Systems, Timing and Scoring - Experience Matters


With years of experience building custom games show systems for all manner of clients, DigiGames can help you with your trivia needs. Even if you just have a concept, a vague idea of some loose knowledge of what you want to achieve DigiGames are here to help. The engineering team is filled with experienced technicians, design teams and software developers who can look to turn your ideas into reality. Come to us with your plans, your visions and your goals and we can begin the process of turning them into a working custom built game show system.


Custom built game show system


Custom Built Game System

Why and when you need it


Having a custom built game system to meet your needs is crucial. No longer do you have to be restricted by what other people have used, built and designed. We appreciate at DigiGames that everyone has different Trivia needs and different requirements for game show systems. You may be putting together a new television project, working on a new system for a trivia event or simply looking to incorporate trivia into your existing services. Whatever the project, no matter how big or how small, DigiGames is here to help you along the way. From creation to implementation you can be sure of a service unrivaled, unmatched and unique!  Contact DigiGames today regarding your requirements for your own custom built game system.


Custom game systems


Custom Built Game Systems

Size does not matter!


From small to big systems we are here to cater for your every need. After all, if you are looking for custom built game systems that are going to work for you it needs to match your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for buzzers, wired or wireless devices, microphone embedding, LED light up features (the list goes on )…..we can help. With your input, looking at the event, the needs, the venue, the budget we can put together a plan to ensure that your needs are met to the highest possible standard. With years of experience we will find a solution that makes you happy and DigiGames will not stop until you have a custom built game show system that suits your needs and works for you!


Custom built game show system


Timing and Scoring Software

The whole concept is built around perfect timing and scoring systems as personal to you as you desire. There are no restrictions to what we can provide you with based on your ideas in terms of customizing the games. Timing and scoring software and hardware components can all be fine-tuned to exactly how you need it. Perhaps what you desire is a Timing and Scoring system based loosely on an existing trivia show/format. No problem….we can mimic, adapt and reformat existing ideas to suit your needs.


Timing and Scoring


Therefore, if you are seeking a custom based game show system or timing and scoring software there is only one place you need to turn. The place were experience and innovation are couple with customer service and high standards – that place is DigiGames.



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Custom made gameshow systems


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DigiGames Portable Game Show Trivia System Console


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