DigiGames - In the Office

DigiGames - In the Office

DigiGames interactive software along with wireless buzzers are the perfect way of integrating a new type of solution to many common corporate outings. Allowing employees to use wireless buzzers, gaming software, and hardware of software controlled solutions, you can easily involve and engage employees with a new interactive way to train and educate employees. Moving away from the traditional and towards a new interactive medium will also allow companies to also market your products or services differently.


Corporate Training - Develop A Strategy for Training

  • Utilize game software in Q & A type scenarios
  • Wireless buzzers can be used with small or large groups
  • You can poll the audience to reach consensus


Education - A New way to Learn

  • Tailor-make educational learning sessions
  • Incorporate games into educational discussions
  • Coaching and Training cab become more engaging
  • Have fun makes learning easier


Retail Marketing - Interact with Customers

  • Socializing with interactive game show systems tend to draw larger crowds
  • Interactive Retail Marketing makes selling easier
  • A different type of marketing and a more informative way to teach customers


Trade Shows - Engage Possible Clients

  • By using game show software you increase your show floor selling
  • DigiGames products are perfect for trade show presentations
  • Games at Trade Show Booths can be used to provide prizes to winners


Be Effective - Principals to Follow

  • Be precise & create with a Purpose
  • Use Different Games
  • Always practice before you use
  • Games and activities should not be too long




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