Extreme Bingo Music Bingo

Extreme Bingo combines name that tune with Bingo for a music bingo game. Perfect for all ages, players identify the song, video or picture and mark their Bingo cards. Extreme Bingo randomized music from your own music library and prints random Bingo cards.


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Music Bingo

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 Virtual Bingo Cards for Zoom 

Virtual Bingo Cards for Extreme Bingo:

Due to the pandemic, many entertainers have been finding good success hosting Extreme Bingo sessions live on the Zoom platform.  In an effort to distribute bingo cards in a simple way, we are pleased to announce that players can now play Extreme Bingo using their computer or mobile device.

The virtual bingo cards appear on their screen the same as having a real bingo card in hand.  Players can click on a bingo square to mark a song, and can click to shout 'Bingo' if they feel they have one.

The best part is the electronic bingo card service will be free during the course of the pandemic.


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 Extreme Bingo Music Bingo- 2 Computer License 

Extreme Bingo - DJ for Bingo

  • Significantly increase your bottom line with a music bingo game
  • Turn your music, videos, and pictures into an amazing bingo game
  • Make as many bingo cards as you want, in any size
  • 16 unique Bingo game-play variations


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Compatible with Windows Vista, and newer.  Compatible on Mac using Mavericks, and newer.

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