Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

You are either a newbie or an expert. Either way, we are all just 'Getting Started'. Trends come and go, and great ideas are reported to us, but also our team of experts discover hot ideas.

You will not find any guide anywhere for trivia hosts more comprehensive than this.  Our years of experience are poured into this Getting Started Guide which will help you.....

  • Prevent your shows from getting predictable and bland.
  • Make money at what you do.
  • Get referrals, and learn some cool game ideas along the way.
  • Learn how to properly market yourself to many different industries.
  • Make hosting trivia fun for you and for your players.


No matter how experienced you become at hosting trivia, don't fall into the trap of 'I know it all'. This list grows every day, so check back frequently to get in on the latest tips and tricks!

1. Open yourself to criticism - What to do? How to use it to your advantage?
2. Making Each Show Unique - Video Games Trivia
3. Trivia Check List - Blog Highlights - Your Survival Kit
4. Did you lose an account? What to do next
5. How to Attract New Customers
6. Choosing the right trivia wireless buzzer product
7. Successful Trivia Shows with Teens
8. Successful Trivia Shows with Adults
9. Up-selling Your Trivia Services
10. Topics for Trivia - Additional Rounds to Add
11. Movie Trivia
12. Making the Right Promo Video
13. Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational - Hiring the Right People
14. Graduation Parties Trivia
15. Making useful post-quiz notes
16. Bible Trivia
17. Separate your Trivia Services from your DJ Services
18. What to do when Attendance at your Trivia Night Begins to Dwindle
19. How to deal with a dissatisfied customer
20. Keeping the Sales Flowing
21. Why have a blog on your site? - Allows You to Showcase Yourself
22. Prize and Bonus Questions - What to give away? Where to get it?
23. Hiring Additional Entertainers - Going Multi Operational
24. Example Quiz #2
25. Scoping out the Competition
26. "Making Proper and Full Use of Bonus Questions - Random Bonus Points"
27. Trivia Check List - Blog Highlights - Your Survival Kit
28. Example of a Quiz Format - UK
29. Making Proper and Full Use of Bonus Questions - Wipeout Rounds"
30. Topics for Trivia - Making the Music Round Better with Name That Tune
31. Topics for Trivia - Spicing up the Geography Round
32. Making Proper and Full Use of Bonus Questions - Joker Rounds and Joker Questions
33. Why start a trivia business?
34. How to Become a better trivia player?
35. Making Use of Prize Rounds and Prizes
36. Playing background music while hosting trivia
37. Why have a Blog on Your Site?
38. How can you manage to balance Team Sizes at trivia events?
39. Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items
40. How to run a successful contest for serious trivia players?
41. The Benefit of Having an Assistant
42. How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night?
43. Making Each Show Unique - Jackpot
44. Making Each Show Unique - Varying up the Music Rounds
45. Making Each Show Unique - Alcohol Trivia
46. Creating a "Wow" Factor for Your Trivia Night!
47. Using Social Media for Trivia Bookings
48. Trivia Hosting - Hint, Tips and Ideas - Recap
49. Trivia Games Where Cheating is Allowed
50. Pitfalls of trivia at a Bar and Pub
51. Making Proper and Full Use of Bonus Questions
52. Why have a blog on your site?
53. How to run a successful contest for serious trivia players?
54. How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event
55. 10 New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Trivia Hosting
56. Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from
57. Making Movie Trivia Unique
58. Tried and Tested Formats to Ensure Success
59. Practice your sales pitch
60. Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion
61. Making Trivia Unique - Sports Trivia
62. Using Trivia for Business Meetings
63. Book More Trivia Shows - Cold Calling
64. Book more trivia shows - Website Advertising
65. Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen
66. High Energy Trivia Shows
67. Keeping in Touch with Past Clients
68. Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia
69. Making a Video to Promote Yourself
70. Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia
71. 10 Fun Trivia Theme Nights
72. Making Good Notes - Reviewing Your Performance for a Route to Success
73. How to Control Cheating at Trivia Events
74. Interview Your Players Before Starting a Trivia Show
75. Table Teams at a Trivia Night
76. Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System
77. Be creative with Trivia game shows
78. Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client
79. Jokes in your Trivia
80. How to Sell Yourself - Cold Calling
81. Build a Rapport with your Audience
82. How to Secure Sponsors For Your Trivia Shows
83. Running an Effective Tournament
84. Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments
85. ABCD Judges Voting
86. Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show
87. How to keep your audience coming back week after week
88. How to Sell Yourself - The Website
89. Taking Points Away For Incorrect Answers
90. Less Work - More Money
91. How to Choose Contestants For Your Next Game
92. Using Trivia For Home Use
93. Using Trivia for Public Education Events
94. Using Trivia for Church Events
95. Keeping it Simple
96. Trivia Based Scavenger Hunts
97. Using Trivia for Restaurants
98. Diversifying Your Shows (Playing Different Games)
99. Creating the Ultimate First Impression
100. How to Book More Trivia Shows
101. Using Trivia For Retirement Homes
102. Are you being paid what you are worth?
103. DEX 3.4 - Enhance your DJ set with multimedia and broadcast potential
104. Having the Right Marketing Materials
105. How to Secure Annual Corporate Events
106. Boost Employee Morale Activities - with Trivia
107. Using Trivia for Post Prom Parties
108. Secure Trivia Bookings at a Bar
109. Using Trivia for Class Reunions
110. Doing a Free Sample Trivia Night
111. Using Trivia for Academics
112. Getting Referrals and Recommendations
113. The value of TV Commercial Trivia
114. Everything you need to know: Clobber - Hard Hat Trivia
115. Using Trivia in Teaching and Learning
116. Trivia for Bar/Lounge and Pub Shows
117. Using Trivia at Rehearsal Dinners
118. Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia
119. Bridal Trivia
120. How to Network with other Trivia Entertainers
121. Using Trivia for Fundraisers
122. How to Make Your Trivia Questions Tricky and Fun
123. The Magic of Mobile Trivia Games
124. How to Keep the Audience's Attention without Losing Them
125. When and where to use your marketing materials strategically
126. Game Show Backdrops and Lights - Creating atmosphere
127. The Pros and Cons of Establishing Game Rules
128. Successful Trivia Nights - Referrals
129. Getting Prizes for your Trivia Night - Tips and Hints
130. Be Prepared for Anything - A Trivia Hosts Survival Guide
131. Dealing with unruly behavior and trivia cheats
132. Daily Quiz
133. Online Trivia Leagues
134. Happy Hour Trivia Games
135. How to Effectively End Your Trivia Event?
136. Develop a Good Introduction
137. Should you incorporate physical challenges into your trivia night?
138. How to add comedy to your show
139. Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event
140. How to Excel over your Local Trivia Competition
141. The value of using a picture round
142. Tie Breakers and how to solve them - The Trivia Night Guide
143. Quiz of the Day!
144. The Value of Music Trivia?
145. How to Incorporate Prizes into Your Trivia Events?
146. Buzzer Style Quiz Questions #1
147. Why Use Multiple Choice Quiz Questions?
148. How to Get a Bar Owner To Book You?
149. How to Make Your Trivia Players Feel Special?
150. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - PlayStation 3 Standard Edition
151. DigiGames Wireless Buzzer Quiz Buzzers for 5 Players
152. Jeopardy Buzzers for 10 Players
153. DigiGames Wireless Buzzer Lockout Quiz Buzzers for 20 Players

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