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Ideas For Prizes, it is likely that you can't go on a Million Dollar Mission like TV's version of Deal or No Deal. However, the software supports numeric (money) and alphanumeric (text) prizes. Here are a few ideas of prizes that you can add to the editor of your software, to make things lively and fun.

Please note: We always appreciate idea submissions. If you use ideas here, please contribute some of your own.

Small prizes
Kiss on the cheek
Floor Sweepings
Sink Sludge
A Penny (you don't want to meet her!)
1 Drink Ticket
2 Drink Tickets
3 Drink Tickets
A Bottle of Beer
2 Bottles of Beer
3 Bottles of Beer
$5 Gift Certificate
$7.50 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate
1 Jagermeister Shot
2 Jagermeister Shots
Budweiser Hat
Miller Lite T-Shirt
Hug & Kiss from Hot Bartender
Party Beads
Any Glow Product(s)
Party Hat(s)
Candy Bar
Anything you can find at a dollar store (c'mon it's only a buck!)
Breath Mints (perhaps the contestant could REALLY use it)
The shirt off your back (contestant actually wins his own shirt)

Larger prizes
6 Pack of Beer
Bottle of Wine
Bottle of Champagne
Party Platter
Medium Pizza
Large Pizza
$25 Gift Certificate
$40 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate

An Advertising Avenue

Many entertainers use Take It 'er Leave It to promote local businesses which makes the software a great advertising and money making tool. Many of your area businesses have products and services that they wish to promote, and your use of Take It 'er Leave It is a fantastic way to make that happen. Some performers who perform weekly at a venue typically charge $500 per 6 month promotional span per product or service that is entered into the software. Imagine having 10 businesses that agree to this? This would mean $5,000 every 6 months or $10,000 annually in your pocket!

How it works. First, it is important to secure a repeat account that you perform Take it 'er Leave it at least once per month. See our 'Getting Started Guide' for suggestions in obtaining repeat accounts. Then, it is important that you establish a tournament style format, so that as you return to the venue, your next show is actually a 'carry over' from the previous. This concept of 'tournament style' shows is very effective in broadening your audience base. As the number of attendees grow, this becomes gold in your pocket on several levels.

Promote you by promoting them. The concept is simple, implementing takes some work on your part. Identifying what businesses would consider this concept takes some analyzing. Consider what businesses in your area already invest in heavy advertising. What businesses are often advertising on the radio, have big ad spreads in the newspaper, run local TV ads or have large ads in the local phone book. These businesses are more likely to consider this unique concept than other businesses that don't drop money in a ton of ads.

Do you have any close friends or relatives who own a business? We all do. Start with them first and build up a small list of businesses that use your service. Next, use that as leverage with approaching other businesses. By stating that a few already utilize this avenue with good results generally makes your unique advertising approach more acceptable. When the business accepts the advertising promotion, obtain from them a picture or video commercial that they would like to have used. Since the software supports these formats, implementing the commercial is easy.

Don't forget to offer the business your services for their next annual party while you are there, by the way.

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