Jeopardy-Style Game Buzzer

Jeopardy Game Buzzer


  • Are you looking for a way to entertain your audience with a game system that they will be both familiar with and enjoy?
  • Are you looking to make your trivia night the most talked about in town and ensuring your audience are eager to return week after week?
  • Are your clients in demand for the best buzzer game system to draw in a large crowd?


Then, investing in a Jeopardy style game system may be the route for you.  Trivia hosts around the world are using TV-style game systems to increase business, get bookings and provide customers with an entertaining trivia experience. If you are a serious trivia host with a serious attitude towards making a good living, the investing in a game system is the step you need to embarking on!


Jeopardy Game

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Without a doubt Jeopardy has been the most popular, and most enduring, quiz show on TV in the past 30 years and using a Jeopardy-style game buzzer system will certainly appeal to your crowd.


Why should you invest in a system that replicates a TV show I hear you ask? There are many reasons…..not only will your players enjoy taking part in a trivia format that they have been merely spectators of for years on end, but it will make explaining the rules much easier! Sometimes the unknown puts players off coming to an event as they don’t want to waste time turning up to a trivia show that doesn’t suit their needs, but by running an event such as answer buzzers the customers will know what to expect.


customizable jeopardy software


Jeopardy Game Buzzer - How to use


The Jeopardy game buzzer games can be combined with a range of other products to ensure you can create a truly unique trivia occasions. DigiGames prides itself on creating products that have unique levels of customisation in built so you can create whatever game style you like. You can take the premise of a Jeopardy game buzzer event and customise it until your heart is content….the only limit is your imagination. You can use innovative buzzer systems such as Clobber or the renowned Trivia Pads from DigiGames, or you can combine it with QandACellphone trivia to create a truly unique appeal.


Jeopardy-style Game Buzzer

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As with all games based on buzzer quizzing, the players receive a unique experience. Gone are the days where pen and paper quizzes dominate.  Technology is now dominating the market with affordable games and you need to make sure you are part of the trend. Players love the feeling of using the buzzer systems and the Jeopardy game buzzer system even more so as it’s a game they know and love.  DigiGames products are reliable, user friendly and robust so you can have every faith that these products will last time after time from the first buzzer game to the last!  Our customers all over the world report how they are making money with trivia games supplied to them by DigiGames.


Jeopardy Game Buzzer - How to stand out


Give your event that "game show feel" to make your customers feel like they are part of a professional trivia contest or talent contest. The DigiGames products are professional, durable and reliable devices and not just cheap gimmicky toys. An investment in a product from DigiGames is made with the knowledge and confidence that you are buying goods that will last the test of time!


As with all products for DigiGames they are easy to set up and have a professional appeal so you should have no concerns about the reliability, innovative nature and user-friendly approach of the products. For nearly 2 decades DigiGames has been market leaders in the field of trivia products and a reputation of quality, trustworthiness and innovation.  Click here to view our many wireless buzzer game systems.

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