New Pre-Nuptial Fun

New Pre-Nuptial Fun


By Rob Johnson

I know that I focus on Midweek Money. After all, that is the name of my column, isn't it? But in this issue I want to focus on something that isn't EXACTLY Midweek Money. It is, however, becoming a very important and lucrative part of many companies' wedding packages.

Rehearsal dinners and groom's dinners. I mentioned these a few years ago but now they are really becoming huge. You already have a great relationship cultivated with your brides and grooms; so why not help them out while adding some more money to your bottom line?

Rehearsal dinners provide a great opportunity to provide additional service to your customer. Think of it as a way for YOU to help THEM. I have been a part of some great events prior to weddings, and it has always made the actual reception that much better. When you invest in your couple--and they invest in you--it is a win-win situation. DigiGames' V Station (see a review of this unit elsewhere in this MB issue) has been a great tool for doing Bridal Trivia and Family Feud type events. These can be performed the night before the wedding, after the rehearsal or at any time. I have done engagement parties, and this summer I even did a bachelor/bachelorette party where they didn't want the typical falling down drunk event. It was a BLAST. I really got to know this group of friends and even booked one of their company parties out of it. (Referrals, referrals, referrals.)


New Pre-Nuptial Fun With Trivia

I have done Bridal Trivia at the actual reception. You MUST know your customer and make sure it is what they want. (Which is easy since you are charging them a lot more to do it.) The involvement of the guests is amazing. Watching the reactions as they learn intimate (but approved!) details about the couple is awesome. What questions have I asked? Here's a sampling:

How did you meet?
Who asked who out?
Where was your first date?
How long before you kissed?
Who introduced the couple?

At a recent wedding the person that introduced the couple stood up and was recognized. She got a standing ovation. It was really cool.

I will always go over the plan with the couple. I want them to set the boundaries. Those of you who know me personally know that I like to push the limits. I never, let me repeat, NEVER push the boundaries with weddings. To me this is the bride's big day and the last thing I want to do is be a part of ruining it with my sense of humor. ALWAYS know your customer. Don't assume anything.


New Pre-Nuptial Fun - Book More Trivia Shows

One of the best things about this part of my business is that it is so easy to book these shows. Think about it. You already have their trust. They are paying you big bucks to perform at their actual wedding. All you have to do is identify their needs and fill them. Ask them what they are doing the night before the wedding? Let them know they have options. In the old days, the night before was an excuse for the groomsmen to go out and get drunk. How many times have you seen bad things on the day of the wedding because the groom or groomsmen were hung over? Eliminate that problem. Show them an option where everyone can have a blast at the trivia show and make the experience that much better. The best part about Family Feud type games or Bridal Trivia is that EVERYONE can have fun. Who doesn't love live GAMESHOWS? Trivia is a great way to break the ice and get everyone participating.

Midweek Money is just that. It puts more money in your pocket. DJ author and speaker Larry Williams has devoted a good deal of time in his recent presentations to up-selling rehearsal dinners. It has been a very good and profitable thing for him. It can be for you as well. Ask around. You might be the first in your market to offer something like this. If so, it will definitely set you apart from your competitors. Most people are looking for a way to increase their bottom line. Why not do it in a way that makes the entire event better? If you are interested in more information on how this can work for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

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