Relay Control for Wireless Buzzers

Relay Control for Wireless Buzzers

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Relay control for Wireless buzzers allows you to 'wire in' your own external banks of lights to work in tandem with the buzzers themselves.

The relay control provides continuity on one leg of your circuit which allows you to connect your 12v - 220v lights directly to the buzzer system.

This function is useful for television and broadcasting applications whereby the need exists for studio lights to power up when specific contestants press their buzzers. When Player 1 presses their buzzer (for example) then the studio lights wired to Player 1's buzzer turn on. If Player 2 rings in first on the next question, then a separate bank of lights turns on for Player 2.

Setup is easy. One leg of your power is wired directly to your lights. The other leg is connected to the spade style terminal block mounted on the side of the buzzer. When the the player rings in, the relay closes, providing continuity of current to the switching power leg.

Crimping spade lugs included.


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