If you are looking for a speaker or presenter to speak at your convention, tradeshow, or local meeting then look no further.  DigiGames is the leader in mobile trivia game shows for nearly 20 years.  Our years of experience can benefit anyone interested in how trivia can be used effectively for teaching, learning, educating, entertaining, employee training, team building exercises and more!

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!  While we are at your event we will demonstrate tried and proven methods of using wireless buzzers, game show systems, trivia software for any situation.  These demonstrations include inviting select audience members to participate in a fun-filled session geared towards applying simple techniques to hosting a memorable trivia event.

Whether you are a corporate administrator, HR personnel, entertainment agency or trainee, you will find our seminars and demonstrations to be rich with content that anyone can immediately apply and put into practice efficiently.  Our 1 hour presentation is all it will take to change attendee's view of hosting a trivia game show for life.  Our being readily accessible for follow-up one-on-one phone training at no extra cost is just one of the many benefits of having DigiGames speak at your tradeshow, convention, or local meeting.


Seminars - Trivia Quiz Shows

Rob Johnson - Spokesperson and National Sales Director for DigiGames.




Frequently DigiGames travels to local groups and organizations to provide seminars on how quiz shows bring life to any event. Our seminars focus on how entertainers, event/wedding planners, bar/restaurant owners, cruise ships, and comedians can use trivia to make more money with:

  • Mid-Week bookings
  • Corporate events
  • School events (fund raisers, after school activities, post prom parties, etc)
  • Employee training
  • Camp ground activities
  • Retirement home services
  • Weddings (bridal trivia during dinner and/or rehearsal dinner parties)
  • Team building exercises
  • Youth group training
  • .......and much more!


What types of conferences do convention planners have DigiGames speak at?

  • Why trivia is a must-have at any establishment.
  • How trivia can be used as a tool to increase repeat customers.
  • How you can increase entertainment value while decreasing entertainment costs.
  • How to give away prizes without giving away the bank.
  • The 5-minute crash course: How to be a game show host that everyone will love.
  • How trivia can boost employee morale.
  • Effective ways of hosting public education events.
  • Simple ways of boosting employee moral and collaborative problem solving.

Game Show Seminar


DigiGames hosts seminars at these popular convention types regularly:

  • Entertainers - Mobile DJ and Club entertainers
  • Camp (church, youth summer camps)
  • Academic (Principles', teachers' conventions and after-school idea sharing conferences)
  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Wedding Event Planning
  • Roller Skating Organizations
  • Bowling Associations
  • Arcade/Amusement Park - State and National Assemblies
  • Food, Bar, Restaurant Conventions


For trade shows and exhibit halls, we are available to provide OUTSTANDING entertainment, either at your nightlife events or during the day. Our seminars on entertainment and interactive games have been effective educating tools all over the United States and in Europe.

While there, we will have fun and show by example how trivia is a useful tools to make money, enhance team-building or train employees. Entertainers who already own a Game show system and are not interested in buying one will find the seminar very informative. Entertainers who do not own a Game show system will find this to be a great opportunity to increase their profits.

On-site special pricing on our gear will provide a great incentive to purchase.

Attendees are generally allowed to ask their questions and make comments at the end of the seminar with a question and answer session. The BEST part of this is WE COME TO YOU.


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