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Try it before you buy!  We are so confident you will love our software you can try it before you buy it. If you would like a free guided tour of our various games just let us know.

TV-Style Software Games:  Our software games are used by entertainers, educators, and academic organizations worldwide.  You will love how our software games closely emulate popular TV game shows.

Add your own Questions, Answers and Sound Effects:  All of our software games allow you to customize your own questions and answers with our powerful on-board Q&A editor.  This makes teaching sessions a breeze and provides extra income to mobile entertainers. Spice up the night with your own sound effects or use our fantastic default sounds.

TV-Style Lockout:  When a player buzzes in, the other players are locked out, just like on a real TV Game Show.  This fast-paced method makes it impossible for players to cheat by looking up answers on the internet.


PLEASE NOTE: DIGIGAMES logo appears on our demos. Once your software game is purchased and registered, the logo is automatically removed.

PLEASE NOTE: No need to purchase any software from us!  At least 4 software games are included with your purchase of a computer-controlled wireless buzzer or game console system from DigiGames. You can add more games at a later time to provide more entertainment choices to your clients.



PARTY PACK GAME #1 DEMO: Trivia Board Pro 4

Trivia Board Pro 4 Software Game

PARTY PACK GAME #2 DEMO: Trivia Squares

Trivia Squares Software Game


Trivia Feud Software Game

PARTY PACK GAME #4 DEMO: Trivia Fortune

Trivia Fortune Software Game



DEMO: Trivia Ladder PRO


The non-PRO version of Trivia Ladder (Original)
can be downloaded from HERE

Extreme Bingo Software Game

If you do not know whether your computer is 32 or 64-bit, hold the "Windows" button (left of your space bar) and press the "Pause" button.

Click to Download for WINDOWS 32-BIT 

Click to Download for WINDOWS 64-BIT 

Click to Download for MAC 



DEMO: Talent Hunt

Talent-Hunt Software Game

DEMO: QuizMaster

QuizMaster Software Game

DOWNLOAD: Trivia Retriever

Trivia Retriever

DEMO: Take it or Leave it

Take it 'er leave it Software

DEMO: Audience Poll Pro

Audience Poll Pro Software Game

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