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Need help and support with our software? Just let us know! We can help you make money with our TV-Style trivia games.

For Extreme Bingo users:

You will find the 16 variations of game-play to be fresh, unique, and money making concepts.

If you have not yet downloaded and installed the software, you can do so from here:

When you run Extreme Bingo for the first time, click the button "Rent Using Product Key". Enter the key emailed to you in the "Welcome to Extreme Bingo" and click "Submit".

Learn the ins and outs of Extreme Bingo: The most current version of Extreme Bingo has a "Video Tutorials" button on the main screen. Clicking this button will allow you to watch a 4-part video series which will teach you everything there is to know about the program itself.

If you still have questions or need quiz game software support feel free to call support at 1-701-742-2351.

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