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1) How do I download, install, and register your software games?

  1. To DOWNLOAD our software click here.
  2. To INSTALL our sofware after downloading it, navigate to your "Downloads" folder.  Make sure you install the version that is dated the same date as you downloaded it.  If you do not do this you might install an older version of the software that also might exist in your Downloads folder.
  3. To REGISTER our software simply click on the software icon (on your Desktop) and follow the instructions for registering it.  The registration instructions will be the first thing you see when you launch the program.  Since Trivia Board automatically unlocks the other 3 programs in the "Party Pack" of games (Trivia Squares, Trivia Feud, and Trivia Fortune), you only need to register Trivia Board.  There are no registration instructions built into the other 3 games.


2) I just purchased a new laptop.  How do I "DeRegister" Extreme Bingo off the old machine so that I don't have to purchase a new license?

  1. Make sure you have the most current version of Extreme Bingo on the machine.  Click here to download our software updates.
  2. After you have installed the most current version, launch the program and click on the "Help" option, towards the top.
  3. A Help screen will appear.  Click on the "DeRegister" button.
  4. Read carefully each of the 3 messages that appear on your screen.  Once you have read each message carefully click the "OK" button.
  5. After you have read the 3rd message, click "OK" and sit back and wait about 60 second.  DO NOT CLOSE THE PROGRAM during this 60-second wait period.
  6. The program will self-terminate after about 60 seconds.  At this point the machine license has been revoked and you can now register Extreme Bingo on a new machine at no cost.


3) How do I move the catalogs I made with Extreme Bingo from one machine to another?

  1. Navigate to C:Program FIles(x86)DigiGamesExtreme BingoappExtreme Bingo Filesdb
  2. You will observe XML files within that folder.  Copy and paste all the XML files to a portable drive, like a USB drive.
  3. Once you have copied all the files from your "source machine" to your USB drive, remove the device and then plug the USB drive into your "destination machine".
  4. Transfer all the files from your USB drive to C:Program FIles(x86)DigiGamesExtreme BingoappExtreme Bingo Filesdb by copy/pasting the XML files into the folder.


NOTE:  The XML files do not store your media, like music or videos.  The media needs to be moved over in a second operation.  It is best to move your media into the exact same path on your destination machine as the path from your source machine.  If you do not put the media in the same path then Extreme Bingo will prompt you to repair the XML files.  Extreme Bingo can do the repair for you, however it is just easiest to move the media files into the same folder as it was on your former machine.  For example, if you music was in C:MP3, then you will want to move your media to C:MP3 on your secondary machine.


4) I already purchased the software but the keys dept is telling me that I have to purchase another key for an additional machine.  Why?

Each hardware purchase from DigiGames includes software licensing for 2 computers, in some cases more.  Each time a key is issued, DigiGames has to pay licensing on each copy of our games to various TV networks.  This licensing fee to the networks is required because DigiGames software games emulate and/or directly use copy-written TV game show components and manner of game-play.  Please note that DigiGames is not specially targeted with such fees, but in fact ALL legitimate software developers who develop software trivia games THAT COPY TV game shows are faced with the exact same issue. Unfortunately it doesn't matter if a previously registered computer has died, failed, crashed, burned, retired, was stolen, or no longer in use, or any other reason.

The good news though is that most licensing keys are $50 or less per machine, and there is no limit to the number of machines you can purchase additional licensing for.  Click here to purchase additional software license keys.


5) I have 2 (or more) buzzer systems from DigiGames in close proximity.  When the player of one system buzzes in it affects the other system in the same (or nearby) room.  How can I keep buzzers from one system affecting the other?

Support for R3 systems:  You can solder a wire on each transmitter to change its channel.  You would solder the same corresponding wire also on the USB device.  Here are the instructions to modify wireless R3 device channels.

Support for R4 systems:   This can be done but both the transmitter and receiver need to be reprogrammed by our factory.  There is no simple way for the public to do this without some very expensive programming tools.  Contact our support dept for instructions for sending one of the systems back to us for wireless channel reprogramming.


6) I have music or video files that are not supported by your software.  Is there an easy way to batch-convert my files?

Yes, you can easily convert many files from one type to another type without affecting the original files (the original files will still remain in their original directories.  The converted files will be placed in a different one.)  The program we recommend for doing this is called "Any Video Converter".  ANV will convert virtually any file format to another for free!  With the program you can even download YouTube videos!

Click to "Add Files" (or you can drag and drop them into the program) and then click "CONVERT!" and the program will do it's job thereafter.

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