Take It 'er Leave It (Included with Take It 'er Leave It hardware system)

Take It 'er Leave It (Included with Take It 'er Leave It hardware system)

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If you are looking to enhance your trivia night, improve business, boost your income and ensure you stay ahead of your rivals, then one way of achieving this is to incorporate established game show systems into your events. Using games and formats people already know and love will not only enhance their enjoyment but keep them coming back time after time. And what better format to use to really enhance your night than the ever popular Take it ‘er Leave it.

Based on the ultimate prize giveaway show hosted by Howie Mandel, Take it ‘er Leave it is a fully immersive, entertaining and enjoyable game for audience and players alike with an element of chance and a degree of strategy. This program is included with the hardware purchase or available as a stand-alone game.

The appeal of the show Take it ‘er Leave it is that it is both very simple yet highly addictive. Will the competitor play safe of will greed start to take over their mind? The big money box is still out there, is it worth continuing? There is a reason that the format of this popular game has been a hit all across the world and it is for that reason that you should be utilizing it to enhance your events.

Key Features

  • Creation of own prizes and money lists to suit the needs of your event
  • Full manipulation of the outcome possible
  • Addition of photographs of players possible
  • Adjustable banker algorithm
  • Easy text adjustments
  • Able to be played by single or multiple contestants
  • Changeable game timers

Indeed, Take it ‘er Leave it the system is very easy to set up and can be quick to play. Trivia and event hosts around the globe have been using this game as add-ons to their nights, a chance for everybody to win a prize or indeed some interval entertainment. Anything you can do to give your services the edge needs to be considered and this amazing software tool just may make the difference between you being booked and a rival stealing your thunder.

With all these options at your disposable you can turn the Take it ‘er Leave it software into a format which suits YOUR needs and ensures that you give away the prizes you want and that your audience is as entertained as the players!

Whatever the occasion the Take it ‘er Leave it format requires very little set up time, no need to explain complicated rules and above all else it’s a format people know and love. Whether it be a trivia night, a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event or any other of the multitude of events you may be booked for, this perfect prize give-away tool can be your most useful weapon to achieving results.

As with the range of DigiGames products on offer, you can be guaranteed reliability, quality and effectiveness from a company who have been at the forefront of trivia technology for the better part of 2 decades. With full support offered from the dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate customer service term, you can be guaranteed a quick and easy set up with swift resolutions of any queries you may have.

Take it ‘er Leave it is a massively popular format and as an events host you can incorporate this into any occasion, any time and improve business, boost profits and achieve customer satisfaction galore.

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Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.

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