Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #1

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Variation #1 'The Envelope Game':

1. Create a 12 case prize game within the Take It 'er Leave It software. For ideas on prizes, click the 'Ideas for Prizes' tab above.
2. Make 12 envelopes, each numbered on the outside 1-12 respectively.
3. Seal a prize within the envelope (prize written on a piece of paper and inserted into the envelope). Prizes should be the same that you have programmed into the software.

Playing the game:
1. Before you start the game, randomly distribute each of the 12 envelopes to 12 contestants in the audience. Another twist is that you announce that the first 12 people to purchase a drink from the bar get an envelope from the bartender.
2. Select a contestant from the audience that does not have an envelope.
3. The contestant selects case numbers which remove a prize off the board. As each case number is picked, the audience member holding the envelope with that corresponding number has a chance to open the envelope to view the prize within.
4. The audience member wins that prize.
5. This process is repeated until the contestant uses up all 12 cases, or accepts an offer early in the game. If the contestant accepts an offer early in the game, the unused cases and the corresponding envelopes go un awarded.

Other Game Show Variations:

1. Perform a 16, 20, 24, or 28 case game. Make sure you have the same amount of envelopes prepared in advance that match the number of cases in the round.
2. Audience members with envelopes have the option to reject the offer in the envelope before opening it in hopes that the contestant wins a prize of greater value. The prize that the contestant wins is also what the audience member who rejected the offer wins, regardless of whether the prize is of greater or lesser value than what was written within the envelope.
3. Contestants can be sitting in their chairs with the envelopes, or standing in formation at the front of the stage.
4. Have multiple envelopes made that are labeled on the outside 'Banker - First Call', 'Banker - Second Call', and so forth. The offer made on the first call is what the contestant wins that is holding the respective envelope.

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