Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #2

Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #2

Variation #2 'Name That Tune':


1. Create as many audio clips as you have suitcases for each round. For example, if you are performing a 12 case game, prepare 12 audio clips in advance.
2. If you are performing 2 rounds of 12 case games, prepare 24 audio clips in advance.

Playing the game:

1. Play an audio clip. The first audience member to shout out the artist, song title, year released, lead singer's name, etc has a chance to pick a case.
2. The case opens revealing a prize.
3. The audience member wins that prize.
4. The audience member to pick a case that immediately precedes a banker offer can elect to keep the prize in the case, or reject the prize in hopes that the banker offer will be better than the case prize.
5. If an audience member accepts the banker offer, award the prize to the audience member, but you, the host, reject the offer in the software to keep the remaining prizes in play for the other audience members.
6. Play the game until all cases have been removed.


Other great variations of games:

1. An audience member can win multiple prizes in a single game, or is allowed to only win one prize then is locked out for the remainder of that round.
2. The audience members can be sitting at their tables playing, or a select number can be on the stage in formation. In formation, as each audio clip is solved, the audience member sits down after winning a prize. The remaining audience member in formation represents the remaining case and the remaining prize. If he/she does not solve the audio clue, the audience member sits down empty handed.

Menu of great game possibilities:

Variation #1 (with 4 sub variations) - 'The Envelope Game'
Variation #2 (with 2 sub variations) - 'Name That Tune'
Variation #3 (with 2 sub variations) - 'The Audience Divided'
Variation #4 (with 2 sub variations) - 'YOU Pick The Case'


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