Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #3

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Game Variation #3 'The Audience Divided':

1. Create a 28 case game in $1,000 increments. Lowest Value $1,000; highest value $28,000.
2. Split the audience into to 2 fairly equal groups.
3. Each audience half elects a team captain.
4. Coin toss determines which half goes first. This half reserves a case and gets to pick the first case.

Playing the game:
1. The team that wins the coin toss selects cases until the first banker call (let's say Team 'A'). Reject the banker offer within the software to keep the game moving.
2. The other team (Team 'B') now selects cases until the next banker call. Continue to reject the banker offer.
3. Repeat the process above, alternating teams after each banker offer.
4. Meanwhile, you have a volunteer assistant writing down the banker offers for each team.
5. At the end of the game, which ever team got the highest offer throughout the 28 case round is the winning team.
6. The winning audience team gets a drink ticket for each $1,000 offered by the banker. For example, audience team 'A' received the highest offer of $14,000, the audience team wins 14 drink tickets. The tickets are given to the team captain by your volunteer assistant, and the team captain distributes the tickets to the audience team as he/she sees fit. The loosing team gets nothing.


Other Game Show Variations:

1. Play an audio clip. The first audience member to tell the team captain the artist, song title, year released, lead singer's name, (whatever you specify) has a chance to pick a case. The volunteer assistant writes down the value subsequently removed off the board. In the end, the team that removed the MOST money in cash becomes the winning team. Apply rule #6 above for prize distribution.
2. The 2 teams can be sitting at their tables playing, or a select number can be on the stage in formation, as 2 equal groups.

Menu of great game possibilities:

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