Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #4

Take it 'Er Leave It - Variations of Play #4

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Variation #4 - 'YOU Pick The Case':


1. Make 4 sets of envelopes, numbered 1-12 on the outside (48 envelopes total).
2. Each envelope contains a random prize written on a piece of paper and sealed within the envelope and are distributed to 48 unique audience members.
3. Get a volunteer from the audience to hold a basket containing 12 cards numbered 1-12.
4. Create a 12 case game within the software.
5. Gather 12 trivia questions.

Playing the game:

1. Pull a number out of the basket containing the 12 numbers.
2. The 4 audience members that have envelopes with the corresponding number have 10 seconds to come to the dance floor to answer a trivia question.
3. If they are incorrect, they sit down, and one of the 3 participants remaining now has a chance to answer.
4. Once a contestant answers correctly, the other contestants leave their envelopes with you and they are out of the game without a prize.
5. First contestant who answers the question correctly has the option to either see what is in the envelope or opt to open the corresponding numbered case on the board. Their decision is final, and cannot be reversed once either prize is revealed.
6. The contestant then wins that prize.
7. Repeat the process until all prizes have been given away on the board.
8. Skip all the banker offers within the software to keep the game in motion.


Other Quiz Game Variations:

1. Perform a 16, 20, 24, or 28 case game. Make sure you have the same amount of envelopes and trivia questions prepared in advance that match the number of cases in the round.
2. Create 4 envelopes labeled 'Banker Calling #1'; 4 envelopes for 'Banker Calling #2:....and so forth. When the banker calls the first time, the 4 audience members holding an envelope labeled 'Banker Calling #1' appear before you. Then use rules 3-6 above. First contestant who answers the question correctly has the option to either see what is in the envelope or to accept whatever the banker offer is going to be (yes, the phone is ringing this whole time.....adds an interesting drama to the show). The contestant then wins, either what was in the envelope or the banker offer was depending on their choice preceding the revealing of either.  This is a very popular quiz game variation using the Take It 'er Leave It software.


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