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I am always looking for the hottest trends and what people are into?  What can help me stand out from my competition and increase my bottom line?  There is nothing hotter than reality television and talent contests like American Idol, The X Factor and Americas Got Talent.  If you love interactive entertainment it is now possible to capitalize on the popularity of these types of shows and bring your game shows and events to a whole new level with a variety show contest or team building event.
America's Got Talent, American Idol, and other shows are extremely popular with millions of viewers. You can now bring the concept of performers, audience judging and voting together with this NEW and easy-to-use performer/judging management tool.
Talent Hunt makes it possible to use your DigiGames system to make you more Midweek Money than ever before.

Talent show software


What Talent Contest Software Should Allow You To Do:


Performers tell jokes, do a trick, sing, karaoke, magic... whatever they want. Meanwhile audience judges vote and Talent Hunt goes to work. After all entertainers have performed you announce the top performer. This allows for more people to participate.  Not everyone likes to be in front of the audience. Some will prefer to have their fun sitting back and judging the talent. Talent Hunt is a great way to increase a crowd at any venue each week with ongoing talent shows. It encourages audience participation.  

talent contest software
More participation equals a better show for you.

Our Talent Contest Software Allows You To:

  • Create fun variety shows where everyone displays their talent, regardless of what it is.....or:
  • Create a single purpose shows like: 'Best Joke Telling' contest, Karaoke contest, Sing-Along contest, Air guitar/drum contest, 'Stupid Human Trick' contest, Costume contests, Magic shows, 
  • Pageant shows, or many more contest styles! The options are limitless.
  • As few as 2 and as many as 25 judges can rate performers using a DigiGames wireless buzzer.  As many as 50 performers can show off their talent in a single talent contest.
  • Using DigiGames Trivia Cubes (TM-120), judges can 'buzz' a performer.
  • Using DigiGames Trivia Pads (TM-140), judges can 'grade' a performance and also 'buzz' the performer.  Our ABCD keypads are ideal as a voting tool.
  • Announce tool (Quick Text) allows you to instantly announce upcoming performers or make other visual text announcements on your screen.
  • Add entertainers or change the order of your performer's list.
  • Supports audio files for music sing-a-longs and karaoke files for Karaoke sing-off's (MP3+G and .zip karaoke).
  • Easy 'Accidental Judge Buzz' undo.
  • Control how many judge 'buzzes' stop a performance.
  • Easily establish how much time each performer has to showcase their talent from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. A countdown timer displays on your screen.
  • One talent show is all it takes to make your money back!
  • You will have a fresh and unique format that no one else has and it's a great way to put people in the limelight!



Talent Management Software Tool


Talent Hunt also creates a new element to audience voting. You will be able to use this in multiple types of shows.  Corporate events are my most successful and lucrative.  Imagine pitching a corporation in your market on something they have never seen before, live!  A team building exercise that will be fun for all involved.  Every office has the "class clown" that will love to perform and be in the limelight.  Every office also has their own "Simon Cowell" that will want to sit and judge the acts.

Corporations around the world pay big bucks for a Team Building activities and you can pitch it to them for that type of event.  Bars and Clubs are always looking for things to bring a crowd in for Happy Hour or a Midweek activity.  Contests not only bring in the contestants but generally each person brings their own cheering section to support them.  This puts money in the bar owner's pocket, which puts money in yours.

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