Talent Hunt - Talent Show and Audience Voting Tool - With Licensing for 2 Computers

Talent Hunt - Talent Show and Audience Voting Tool - With Licensing for 2 Computers

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The only Talent Contest Software program available!

Talent Hunt – Talent Show and Audience Judging Software Tool

In the past number of years, TV shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent have taken over the world attracting millions of viewers.  DigiGames is proud to present the greatest innovation in technology offering YOU to boost your business, increase revenue and cash in on the Talent Shot obsession that grips the planet. Talent Hunt – The Talent Show and Audience Judging Tool – will thrill, engage and captivate audiences in talent shows across the globe and it is time you got on board….

Think about the most successful shows in recent years….American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Sing Off, The X Factor. They all share one thing in common and that is the combination of performance, judging and audience voting. Talent Hunt brings all these elements together to turn your entertainment evening into a fully immersive TV talent show style event which will have the audience on the edge of their seats eager for more.

No matter what the event – Karaoke, stand-up comedy, battle of the bands, magicians, variety shows…the simple, innovative and effective Talent Hunt tool will turn your night into a success! Regardless of the level of talent, the occasion or the venue, Talent Hunt is there to help you give your audience a night to remember!

You can have up to 25 judges involved in any single event with the scores tracked by the software leaving very little for you to do as a host other than sitting back, enjoying the talent show yourself. 

Key Features of Talent Hunt:


  • Compatible with all DigiGames hardware, like Trivia Cubes (to “X” a performance) or Trivia Pads (for ABCD scoring/Voting).
  • 'Announce Tool' to keep the audience informed of upcoming acts.
  • Supports audio files (for sing-along contests), karaoke files (for karaoke contests), picture files (for challenge contests like 'Minute to Win it'), text (for challenges like ‘Stupid Human Tricks’ or Joke Telling Contests).
  • Ability to set buzzes to stop a performance “America's Got Talent” style.

How it works:

  • Before the talent show starts, willing participants write down their name and the song they want to sing (or joke to tell for joke telling contests, or magic trick, or 'stupid human trick', etc)
  • Put the names of the performers into the program and select the songs the performers want to sing (or other media and text).
  • Pass out the wireless buzzers or audience voting keypads to the audience.
  • Click start and let the fun begin!  
  • If the performer is great, audience members vote with the audience response keypad A, B, C, or D (A scores the most points).  The performer at the end gets the most points.
  • If the performer is.....er......not so great, judges 'buzz' the performer.  If the performer doesn't step up their performance then too many buzzes from different judges terminates their performance.  You define in the software how many "X's" the performer can receive before the music stops and they are out of the contest.


Why Purchase a Talent Contest Software Program?

Talent shows and talent contests are very popular at certain bars, resturants and lounges.  You could manually track the progress of  each performer, or you can let Talent Hunt manage the event for you!  Talent Hunt is diverse and flexible meaning it can be used in any situation at any event ranging from events in bars, fundraisers, charity nights, corporate events, kids parties.  In fact Talent Hunt is perhaps on the most diverse products DigiGames has ever offered. We provide the tools to allow your audience to have a fully immersive and entertaining time!

But above all else you will have a unique, engaging platform that will make you a lot of profit. In fact, after only one successful night you can find yourself making your money back and it doesn't stop there. Venues across the land are always looking for new forms of entertainment and by keeping in line with the major TV hits of the modern day market; YOU are going to be the one they hire!

As will all DigiGames software you get the confidence of dealing with a team who have been producing innovative products for over 15 years and will provide on-going support to ensure you are able to use the Talent Hunt tool to maximum effective. Our passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team are always on hand to ensure your event can be as profitable as you desire.

The entertainment industry is always about keeping up with modern trends and using that to stay one step ahead of the competition. Without a doubt Talent Hunt ticks all those boxes and will allow you to boost your income and business through your entertainment services. Get on board the Talent Hunt and reap the rewards!


Talent Show Ideas:


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Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.
Purchase covers licensing for 2 computers.

More Details

What makes Talent Hunt a must-have tool?


Only Talent Hunt brings TV's talent shows to a local level with performer tracking and management along with judge tracking and management.

Only Talent Hunt brings together a fantastic software interface with wireless hardware devices. The software tracks the scores of each entertainer and at the end of the talent show simply click 'Declare Winner' and Talent Hunt announces the winner.

Just like all of DigiGames other software programs, Talent Hunt makes use of a secondary monitor, which is common on all laptops. The secondary monitor shows scores, karaoke text, announcement text and stylish leader board.

Face it, everybody is good at something, and LOVES to brag about it. Showcase THEM at your next event with Talent Hunt.




All you need is a computer with the Windows Operating system and a wireless buzzer system from DigiGames such as the TM-120, TM-125, TM-140, TM-190, TM-195 and CLOBBER. Sorry, Talent Hunt does not work with DigiGames wireless TM-110, TM-150, or 'Take It 'er Leave It' systems.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.
Purchase covers licensing for 2 computers.




  • Fundraisers - Youths love to be in the limelight and show off something special.
  • Office Parties and Corporate Events - Make all the office jokesters and pranksters compete for the ultimate title.
  • Bars/Restaurants/Lounges - Create tournaments where talent comes back week after week for compete for the ultimate prize. Watch the audience grow week by week!
  • Weddings - See how crazy the groomsmen can REALLY get.
  • Anniversary, Birthday, Family Reunion Parties - Get the wild and crazy people to burn off some energy. There's at least 10 in every group!
  • Team building, employee training, and other problem solving events.

    People love to brag about some special talent, others like to critique. Add to that you love to host contests and also have a DigiGames system. Now all this can come together to create an amazing show at your next event.




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