Teambuilding with Trivia Games


By Rob Johnson

I did two shows on January 7th. One was 90 minutes of my interactive fun and game show and the other was 60 minutes of the same type of interaction. My rate for the two shows was $4080. As I was driving home wondering how I was fortunate enough to get paid that much money in one night to have a great time, it hit me. I have built the relationships.


Everywhere I go I am working. Every time I meet someone I am paying attention to see if they need something I offer. Every show I perform has prospective clients in attendance. They all have people who have sons and daughters getting married. They all have companies that are looking for entertainment for their holiday parties. They have people involved with reunions, churches, schools teambuilding organizers and fund raisers. It is important to pay attention.

I was recently flying home from Las Vegas, and the woman sitting next to me happened to be the CEO of a fairly large company. After some small talk, she seemed very curious about what I do to make a living. By the time we landed she had requested a card and was going to "have her assistant call me." I don't know if that will happen, but I know I will be following up with her.

I have built relationships with DJs, entertainers, and team-builders all over the world. One of them even got me a booking in Hawaii (thanks again Chuck) and enabled me to have a wonderful trip with my family. Many people look at other DJs as "competitors." I don't. I look at them as opportunities. If I build a great relationship with them there is a good chance that at some point they may refer me. I am always looking for people to network with to improve my company.

Every time I do a show it is my goal to do such a great job that anyone in attendance will remember who I am, if they ever hear of someone looking for my type of entertainment. I make it a point of developing rapport with the staff at banquet facilities where I perform. Some entertainers and team-builders take the attitude to their events that "I am the expert and we will do it MY WAY." Anyone who knows me knows I am plenty strong-willed and opinionated. It is my opinion that the better job I do at building relationships, the more quality events I will book.


I do A LOT of midweek events. While I did do a $2000 show for 90 minutes on a Thursday a while back, weekday gigs at that price are rare. It is the smaller, lower-paying gigs that I use to build relationships. I have done events that many would think are "bottom feeder" or "bargain basement" gigs. Yeah, I admit it. I am not too proud to take an event for $400 for an hour or two on a weekday.

I can't put a number on how many times I have performed at a midweek event and met or impressed someone enough to get a more lucrative event for a future date. The best way for me to book awesome events is to get out there in front of people and show them WHY they NEED to book me. I hear a lot of people TELLING someone why they are good at what they do. I prefer to SHOW people what I can do. Not everyone will like my style. No problem. Maybe one of the other entertainers I have built a relationship with will be more suited and I can pass the potential booking on. (I told Chuck in Hawaii I would repay him by booking a show in North Dakota for him but for some reason he hasn't taken me up on it.)

I travel a lot for DigiGames. I have met hundreds of DJs and entertainers around the world. There are THOUSANDS of "DJs" around. There are full-timers and part-timers. Professionals and hobbyists. I even know a lot of people who do another PROFESSIONAL JOB while working as a part-time hobbyists. Most of them probably won't read this. Many of those that read this won't agree or care. I am fine with that. If you get something out if it, I have done what I set out to do. I've built a relationship with YOU! Every month I get contacted after someone reads this Midweek Money article and they want to tell me how it has helped them. That is what it is all about. Just like booking events, I know I can't please everyone. If I can please the right ones I will be successful. Hope you have a great 2012.

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