Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System

Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System

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Trivia Pads - Wireless Audience Response ABCD keypad from DigiGames Inc on Vimeo.

INCLUDES SOFTWARE GAMES! Multi-Player, Wireless, Computer Controlled, With Software Game and USB receiver.


Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System


Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System are innovative devices that allow an entire audience to participate in all the game show fun of TV! Many of the systems we offer allow one person to answer at any given point, but Trivia Pads allow an entire audience to answer, getting everyone involved in the fun and excitement of live game shows. This is a trivia game that everyone can play and enjoy, ensuring that no member of your audience feels disengaged with the action. Win or lose, everyone will contribute, and everyone can get points from every single question! What’s better than making everyone feel like a winner? That's the advantage of DigiGames audience response keypads.

These wireless voting pads offer contestants the chance to answer standard multiple choice questions. A variety of included software games ensures you can get an audience involved immediately, right out of the box! With a 500 foot range, these controllers can accommodate a variety of seating types. All of our software games are compatible with the buzz button on these pads, while the letter buttons work with with multiple choice answers that you can put into Trivia Board, Trivia Ladder, Trivia Ladder Pro and Audience Poll Pro, granting versatile use of the ABCD buttons for a variety of exciting events!

Audience Poll Pro is an exciting product that offers the audience the chance to square off as a group, or as smaller teams. The score is automatically calculated and displayed, and the group with the highest score is the winner! The system can support up to 80 groups or individuals, creating the potential for a memorable event. With so many teams supported, this software will certainly be an impressive part of your gaming setup. All of our software games are specifically designed for any event where there is an audience.  More information and software demos can be found on our software page.  The advantages of a Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System are clear.  


ABCD Audience Response Keypads with Software Games

With these ABCD Keypads, talent shows and karaoke performances truly come to life! This is the perfect talent contest software.  The optional “Talent Hunt” software game allows contestants to perform any unique talent, and judges are able to vote on the performance using the audience response keypads. Whether it is singing, dancing or anything a contestant can think of, this game can properly handle nearly any talent. May the best performer with the highest score win! Our software games are useful for a large variety of purposes, and it does an excellent job of getting every single member of the audience engaged and focused. You’ll be surprised how many talents the average person has. Even better, the audience will be delighted!

These ABCD Audience Response Keypads boast several features. For starters, they are made of high quality, sturdy material, ensuring that they perfectly match the look, feel and durability of any professional game show product. Rubber-grip sides help keep the pads in the hands of the contestants, meaning no one will drop a pad from all the excitement! The letter keys can be utilized with or without the buzz feature, making these pads a versatile tool that can be used for an unlimited amount of 'fast finger' and 'audience polling' games! Plus, the included software games automatically keep track of the scores, making large games a breeze to maintain.


Wireless Audience Response Keypads - Add Your Own Questions and Answers

As with all of our products, these pads are compatible with software tools that allow you to add your own questions and answers easily!  The best part is they are wireless!  You’ll never have to pay to put in your own questions and answers. There are so many questions and answers themes you can implement, from famous painters to classic horror movies, that could make for a perfect custom game!

Customizing your own trivia shows is key to creating a lively event that everyone will remember.  Using general knowledge basic trivia questions is fine.  But how much more exciting it is when you add in your won questions and answers that center around local events, recent news items, people in attendance, the accomplishments of the children of the people in attendance and more!  Are there local businesses that are sponsoring your event?  If so, it is an easy thing to add questions about them for some bonus advertising for that local business.  Add in some questions about the venue and your client will love you!  Go to the client's Facebook page and throw in some things learned about the client.  They will even love you more! 

Expandable Wireless Audience Response Keypads


One of the best things about DigiGames audience response keypads is how many can be used. Up to 600 pads can be used at a time, opening up the possibility for games so large, other systems couldn’t handle them! Imagine the power of being able to host a game with up to 600 competitors!

Trivia Pads are the result of hard work, quality materials and a passion to deliver the very best game show experience possible! With a number of uses and an absurd player cap, Trivia Pads will impress even the most jaded audience. Everyone wants to be counted, and everyone wants the possibility of winning, especially against 599 other people! Make your games larger than life, and make your audience feel personally connected, even in a crowded audience.

Forget flimsy plastic and stifling wired set ups. Take your game to the next level with Trivia Pads today!

With DigiGames ABCD wireless audience response (audience voting) pads, you can:

  • Give your contestants multiple choice ABCD functionality. Players are able to select their response wirelessly - more than 500 feet (150 meters) away!
  • Use with all of our software games - The ‘buzz’ button works with all games, ABCD buttons supported in Trivia Board, Trivia Ladder and Audience Poll Pro.
  • Poll the audience. With DigiGames optional ‘Audience Poll Pro’ and 'Extreme Audience Polling' software, you can poll the audience as a group or divide them into smaller groups. The results of each group are automatically tracked and the group that scores the best wins! Up to 200 groups or individual contestants are be tracked uniquely. Try out our software demos, including Audience Poll Pro, and Extreme Audience Polling.
  • Bring Karaoke and Talent Shows to a whole new level! With DigiGames optional 'Talent Hunt' software program people can perform their own unique talent, like American Idol or America's Got Talent. Judges use the TM-140 Trivia Pads to cast their vote. The talent performer at the end of the show with the highest score wins! Try out Talent Hunt on our software demos page.

    ABCD Keypads

    Other Features our wireless ABCD keypads have:


  • The first contestant to ring in is identified in the software and also displays clearly on a projector screen.
  • Contestants can key their A, B, C, or D response first, or take control of the software by 'buzzing' in.
  • All of DigiGames software games track the scores of all the contestants and you can easily set the value of each question. At the end of the game there is a winner!
  • Easy to hold with rubber-grip sides.
  • 9v Batteries included.
  • Audience voting pads have a 500 feet (150 meters) effective range.
  • Works with DigiGames software Party Pack, Trivia Ladder, Talent Hunt, QuizMaster, and Audience Poll Pro.
  • Expandable to 600 simultaneous pads.

    All DigiGames products include a 1 year full warranty.

    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.

More Details


What makes DigiGames Wireless ABCD Audience Reponse Keypads so unique?

All contestants can respond to each question with their A, B, C, D choice. Our other wireless systems allow contestants to ring in and lock out other contestants and ONLY the person who rang in first gets to answer. However, our software allows ALL audience members to respond with their guess. Instead of "Everyone Can Play", you can now advertise to your clients "Everyone Can Play and Answer EVERY Question".

For example, let`s say you have 20 wireless keypads. The question appears along with 4 possible answers. The answer is `A`, and all 20 contestants key `A` on their pad. They all get the points. If a contestant answers `B`, then 19 get the points and 1 loses the points.

Additional modes include `Lockout` mode - contestants must `buzz` in to lock out all the other contestants. In this mode, the `fastest-hand` only gets to answer and get/lose points.

Our ABCD Audience Response Keypads work with DigiGames Party Pack, Trivia Ladder, TalentHunt (for talent contests, like American Idol or America's Got Talent) and Audience Poll Pro (audience polling software).

No monthly fees and no internet required!






  • Bar/Club/Restaurant Trivia - Like karaoke, people love to be in the limelight. Add something fresh and new to your events and bring something fresh and unique to the venue.
  • Bridal Trivia - Bridesmaids and groomsmen answer questions about the bride and groom during dinner. Additional variations include in-laws against in-laws. Use during rehearsal dinner the night before in a Feud style format.
  • Corporate Events - Contestants answer questions about the company, products of the company, company procedures, fellow employees, or general pop culture trivia. Employee training and seminar recaps are also popular uses.
  • Anniversary, Birthday, Family Reunion Parties - Highlight important people by having audience members answer trivia questions about them.
  • Retirement Homes - Bring something fresh and new to the seniors there. Perform 'Remember When.....' trivia and bring a nostalgic mood to the event.
  • Schools/Academics - Use for classroom training, student participation and team building, post-prom parties, fundraisers, and other after-school activities. Trivia Cubes are perfect for increasing student's test scores by using test questions as part of a trivia game prior to the test.
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah - Kids love trivia! Especially when answering questions about each other.
  • Church/Religious Functions - Useful for fundraisers, youth group training and activities, team building and problem solving.
  • Trade Shows - Draw attention to your exhibit booth by performing trivia. When your exhibit booth is surrounded by a crowd of people, your product or service will be highlighted, your time is maximized educating the public, and your company will stand out over the competition.
  • Home Use - Parents can help their children learn in a fun style trivia format. Use questions from past quizzes to better prepare them for future tests and help them to increase their test scores.




What is Included


5 Trivia Pads purchased and your package will include Trivia Pad buzzers, USB receiver and the "Trivia Party Pack" software games: Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Squares, Trivia Feud and Trivia Fortune. Software licensing for 2 computers. Batteries included.

10 or more Trivia Pads purchased includes the USB receiver and the "Trivia Party Pack", and Trivia Ladder PRO. Software licensing for 2 computers. Batteries included.

20 or more Trivia Pads purchased includes the USB receiver, the "Trivia Party Pack", Trivia Ladder PRO, and TalentHunt. Software licensing for 3 computers. Batteries included.




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Our most popular Audience Response Keypad:

  • Polling the audience and collect surveys
  • Audience voting training sessions
  • Questions with ABCD multiple choice answers
  • Local talent shows and talent cotests with judges 'rating' the performers
  • Any situation where a hand-held wireless keypad is needed


MORE DETAILS and pricing - Wireless ABCD Audience Keypads with software games

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