Trivia Topics for Bars

200 Trivia Quiz Game Topics for Bar Trivia 

Having the right trivia quiz game topics is a sure way to keep your quiz players involved and interested in coming back to your trivia events. It is important you stay with 'Pop Culture' content that is of interest to anyone in the world.


trivia topics


Here are some very popular topics that are perfect for trivia quiz shows at a bar, pub, or restaurant. 

These categories are currently being used in our Weekly Trivia Subscription Service.


A Little of Everything A better way of saying Miscellaneous.
Accomplishments The accomplishment is listed, name the person who accomplished it.
Acronyms LOL! ........JK!
Animated Movies  
Arcade Games  
Armed Forces Questions about the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
Back-up Bands  
Baseball Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
Basketball Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
Big Gun Flicks Questions about shoot 'em up movies.
Board Games  
Boxing Questions about rules of game play, notable boxers, statistics, etc.
Brain Busters Perplexing riddles.
Bright Ideas Questions about inventors, inventions, or bright objects.
Card Games  
Cartoon Characters  
Cats and Dogs  
Celebrity Couples  
Chick Flicks  
Christmas Trivia  
Comedians Questions about famous comedians.
Company slogans  
Complete the Lyric  
Complete the Movie Title  
Complete the Song Title  
Complete This Partial phrases missing one word. Players have to guess the missing word.
Computers General questions about computers themselves.
Countries Name the famous city, actor, or politician.  Players solve the associated country.
Definitions The definition of a word is given, which word does it apply to?
Did You Know? Fun random questions.
Disco  Everything to do with disco tunes, bands, song titles, lyrics, etc.
Disney Characters  
Disney Movies  
Disturbing News Current news events involving deaths, arrests, natural or man-made disasters, politicians, etc.
Draw a Blank! Any 'fill in the blank' questions, to fill in the missing words of a  movie, song, or album title.
Drink Up Questions about soda drinks or liquor.
Duets Who Sang Name the counterpart to a famous singer, or which duet sang this song?
Eat Me! Food related questions.
Edibles Food or drink related questions.
Family Feud Questions about top surveyed answers.
Famous Apps There are hundreds of well-known apps out there.
Famous Celebrities  
Famous Dates When important things in history happened.
Famous Landmarks  
Famous Marriages  
Famous News Stories  
Famous People  
Famous Places  
Famous Sayings Who said it?  Or "Fill in the missing word(s)".
Fashion Trivia about apparel/clothes.
Fast Cars  
First Ladies Questions about the names of Presidents' wives.
Firsts Which came first
Food and Drink  
Football Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
Formula 1  
General Knowledge Just a fancy way of saying Miscellaneous.
Go Figure! Questions about specific figures (numbers).
Golf Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
Hallelujah Questions about the bible or religious doctrine.
Halloween Trivia  
Hard Liquor  
Heels in Motion Questions about dance moves or famous dance songs.
Historical Figures Notable people in history.
Hockey Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
Hodgepodge Just a fancy way of saying Miscellaneous.
Holiday Trivia  
I Know the Words Song titles, complete the lyrics topics
In the Kitchen Cooking tools, recipes, food related topics.
In the Lab Science topics.
Indy 500  
Inventions Describe an item, players have to guess what it is.  "It makes toast" = Toaster.
Inventors Who invented this item?
It BUGS Me Questions about bugs.
Jokes The joke it the question, players have to answer the punch line.
Let Me Think... Brain buster questions, generally math solving questions.
Lyrics Lyric line, players have to guess the song title or artist.
Manias Questions about mania mental disorders, like Kleptomania.
Middle Names Questions about well-known middle names, like Lee _____ Oswald (Answer: Harvey)
Movie Quotes  
Movies and Music Questions about songs made popular by specific movies.  Also movie theme songs.
Music from the 50's  
Music from the 60's  
Music from the 70's  
Music from the 80's  
Music from the 90's  
Musical Instruments  
Newsworthy Questions about specific well-known news events.
No Soup for you! Questions about famous soups.
North of the Border Questions about Canada
Notable Places  
Ologies Words that end with ology, like Zoology.
Olympics Questions about various games, notable athletes, statistics, host cities, etc.
On the Menu Questions about menu items at restaurants.
On the Silver Screen  
One Hit Wonders  
Oscar Winners  
People in the News  
Pop Culture Topics of general interest to anyone.
Pop Music  
Potpourri Just a fancy way of saying Miscellaneous.
Prices Questions about how much specific items cost, like on Price is Right.
Punny Answers Questions around 'puns'. 
Quotes Questions about who said a famous quote.
Shady Questions Questions about colors and also items that only come in one color, like blueberries.
Sitcom Occupations Example:  What was the occupation of Al Bundy from "Married With Children"? 
Sitcoms Questions about sitcoms
Snack Time! Questions about food in general, or snacks specifically.
Song Titles Song titles appear, players have to guess the artist.
Sounds Fishy Questions about Fish and other aquatic animals
Spaced Out! Quiz questions about otter space.
Sports Movies Trivia questions about movies with a specific sport as the plot.
Star Trek  
Star Wars  
Tech Boom Trivia questions about the advancement of technology.
Tech News Questions about new emerging technologies.
Technology Questions about everyday electronics we all use.
Tennis Questions about rules of game play, notable players, player/team statistics, host cities, etc.
That Adds Up! Math questions.
That Scares Me! Questions about various fears or phobias, or questions about horror movies.
This and That Misc questions.
Top Tunes  
TV Game Shows Questions about TV game shows that ask questions!
TV Sitcoms  
Twist of Faith Religious questions.
US States  
Viral Videos Questions about well-known viral videos.
Way Back When Newsworthy items from some time ago.
What happened first? Which event in history was first?
What instrument do I play?  
What sport do I play?  
Where in the World? Questions about notable places on earth.
Where is that Building? The famous building is described, players have to solve which city it is located.
Where is the city? Tell me the state the city is in.
Where's That Street? Many famous streets.  You define them, players answer which street it belongs to.
Where's that? Questions about specific landmarks and their locations.
Which Came First? A series of events as answers, which event was first?
Which Country? Which country has this city, leader, mountain, celebrity, etc.
Who Sang That Song? Questions about famous singers.
Who Wrote It? Questions about famous authors and columnists.
Women Famous celebrity women, or historical women.
Words with ISM Words that end with ism, like plagiarism (like what you will do with this list, but we are ok with that!)
World Leaders Questions about famous people in positions of authority.
Year Born The approximate year a famous person was born (precision not required).
Year Invented The year popular inventions were introduced (again, don't require precision).
You Should Know Informative questions, or educational questions.
Zyzzyvas Just kidding.  We are only making sure you are still awake!

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