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Learn different variations of game play with DigiGames software. Spice up your trivia nights with different games and make your trivia players come back for more!

Are you looking for ways to get the audience involved with the game? One-on-one, in the traditional manner is merely ok.... however, in some areas, the audience expects to be involved in one way or another.

Variation #1 (with 4 sub variations) - 'The Envelope Game'
Variation #2 (with 2 sub variations) - 'Name That Tune'
Variation #3 (with 2 sub variations) - 'The Audience Divided'
Variation #4 (with 2 sub variations) - 'YOU Pick The Case'


Why Are Variations Important?

Creating and performing variations of any game is quite important in holding a captive audience. As such, the TV networks understand how this is important to keep their ratings high. High ratings means less viewers on other network stations, and also justifies high advertising rates. Low ratings forces networks to adjust their advertising rates which leads to significant revenue losses. So, for TV networks, 'switching up' or creating variables in the game causes the audience to wonder 'what they will do next?' and generally causes people to tune in to find out.

So, likely you are not a TV network, but the same mind set with successes and failures that TV networks have to consider apply to you too. have special considerations. You have an audience of 20 - 300, not millions. Plus, you are directly involved with your audience in real time. There are no edits or retakes. You have one shot to do it right.

Utilizing some of the 14 variations listed below will help you go beyond the traditional Deal or No Deal concept. Performing with only the 'spirit' of this game in mind, instead of attempting to duplicate the concept as it is performed on TV will make your events considerably more successful.

Each variation is described in detail plus the steps involved in the setup. Taking the time to properly follow the setup steps will be completely worth it.

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