Video and Trivia for Fun and Profit

Video and Trivia for Fun and Profit

By Rob Johnson

The use of video has changed our lives. MTV has often been credited with changing modern culture. Did "Video Kill the Radio Star?" I don't know. But I do know it has really enhanced the DJ business in many ways.

From a game show or trivia stand point, the advancements in the use of video have been dramatic. For example, the company I represent, DigiGames, has integrated video with its games and greatly increased their "wow factor." The Internet is a wonderful source for great video clips. Combine the two and you have VIDEO TRIVIA--a great way to have a lot of fun making MidWeek Money.

Name-that-video is a popular concept used by many DigiGames users, especially in the Jeopardy format. People can guess the year that the video was released. You can ask people to identify the singer or guitarist, what the song about, what style of music it is and lots of other questions about an abundance of videos. In addition to music videos, I find that movie clips are a great part of the game. Not only do they challenge the contestant but they entertain the audience. Every time I use the "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" clip from Tommy Boy with Chris Farley, the audience ends up roaring.

You can also capture TV commercials, play a clip and have people determine the product the commercial relates to. This can also be applied to movie clips. Play a clip of a movie and ask what year it was released, who played the lead role or what the title is.

Minute-to-Win-It-style games are really popular right now and a great way to pitch you services to your client. Download videos from YouTube and add them into a system like DigiGames' Trivia Board and use the video challenges for your own minute-to-win-it games. This brings a whole new level of interaction to your events.


So you only do weddings. You don't mess with the Midweek Money events. No problem.

Get video of your bride and groom asking the questions or doing something. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen answer the 30 Q's that the bride and groom were videotaped asking. What a great tool for adding a personal touch to the wedding! Another twist is to video bridesmaids and groomsmen asking questions about love, relationships, marriage, and have the bride and groom go head-to-head to answer the video questions. Get the in-laws involved and you will create lasting memories that the families will rave about for years.

An old favorite of mine is the Newlywed Game. Have husbands make statements on video that are used in a newlywed type game format. Then ask the wives the questions and play videos and compare answers. Answers that match earn points. Use your creativity to adapt these ideas to your style.


Corporate events are always my most successful events. Have your client supply video clips from factory or office workers. The video can be of company workers actually asking general trivia questions or a worker can highlight some detail about their life that their fellow co-workers should know about. People LOVE to see themselves in the spotlight. They don't always want to be in front of LIVE audiences, but behind a camera is great.

Be creative: Virtually all smartphones now days have high-resolution cameras that can film stuff on the fly and send it to your PC for immediate use, even right before the start of a show. At your events, utilize this technology to interview guests, faculty, friends, family and create a few questions on the fly. Going the extra mile with your service will set you aside from the competition. It will increase your bookings. It will make you more money.

Sponsorships are something that many performers do not utilize...and thus leave a lot of money on the table. Have a local business supply you their TV or radio commercial. Use the commercial at your events to acknowledge your sponsors before, during or after your show. (I DON'T recommend this for weddings.) I DO recommend you know your client and make sure you are not stepping on any toes or offending anyone. This is great for public performances such as in bars, hotels, resorts and other venues. Many DigiGames users utilize this to generate additional revenue; a going rate is $500 for a six-month span, for two or more shows per week. This adds up, and will increase your bottom line if done right. Imagine securing only four of these sponsorships every year. It could put another $4000 in your pocket.

All of these things can be adapted to fit your style. If you know where to look and are willing to put in the effort and time, there is a ton of Midweek Money out there.

I hope you will come see my seminar at MBLV 2012. I love sharing ideas and learning from all the creative people in this industry. Video may have killed the radio star...but it definitely enhanced the DJ business.

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