Virtual Bingo Cards for Zoom

Virtual Bingo Cards for Zoom

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Virtual Bingo Cards for Zoom


During this time of the pandemic, DigiGames is please to announce virtual bingo cards for the Zoom platform.

Players can now play Extreme Bingo with you from the comfort of their own homes and with a computer or any mobile device.

If you are unfamiliar with our Extreme Bingo game you can read about it here:  Extreme Bingo


Due to the pandemic, many entertainers have been finding good success hosting Extreme Bingo sessions live on the Zoom platform. In an effort to distribute bingo cards in a simple way, we are pleased to announce that players can now play Extreme Bingo using their computer or mobile device.   The virtual bingo cards appear on their screen the same as having a real bingo card in hand. Players can click on a bingo square to mark a song, and can click to shout 'Bingo' if they feel they have one.   The best part is the electronic bingo card service will be free during the course of the pandemic.  

How it works:  

  • Let us know you want an account (by responding to this email) and we will create one for you.
  • Simply log into a special website and upload your bingo cards files.
  • Once completed, you will see a menu of games you have uploaded.
  • Click to start a game and a unique 5 digit code will appear on your screen.
  • Announce the code to your players over the Zoom platform.
  • The players enter the code and are assigned a unique bingo card. These cards are similar to what you are already accustomed to printing out.
  • Start playing the catalog of songs you have created.
  • Players will hear the songs and 'dauber' their card by clicking or tapping on the bingo square to mark it.
  • Once a player thinks they have a bingo, the player clicks the "BINGO!" button and a message will appear on your screen which player claims to have a bingo.
  • Simply put the card ID into Extreme Bingo and the auto card checker will validate the card.
  • If the participant has a bingo do a little fanfare and resume the same game or begin a new one.


Unlimited cards:  

You can upload into your account as many unique games as you want. Currently, music bingo is supported. Other bingo game types will be supported soon and registered users will be notified when other game formats are available for use.  

How you can make money?

A guide for how to make money using this concept is underway. Registered users will have access to the guide upon it's completion.  

How much does it cost? 

The service is free during the course of the pandemic, for up to 100 players per session.  This is our contribution during these trying times and hope it helps you generate some cash-flow for your family and your company.  When the pandemic is over there might be a fee, but that seems so far into the future that charging a fee isn't something we are even thinging about at this time.

Do I need to update my software to use the virtual bingo cards?

As a great benefit to you, system works independently of the software, the same as printed bingo cards do.  This means you do not need to update at this time.

Does Extreme Bingo integrade directly with Zoom?

It does not.  This means you can use any platform like Zoom to host your shows with.  We use "Zoom" as representative of any type of video streaming platform, since Zoom is the more popular method for hosting interactive DJ and trivia shows these days.

What if I have an idea or suggestion, can I let you know about it?

Of course!  As with all our products, we love customer feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc!

How do I sign up?

To sign up simply email and request an account.  We will set up your account and provide you with login and operational instructions.

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