Wireless Buzzer - Remote Controlled - No Computer Required

Wireless Buzzer - Remote Controlled - No Computer Required

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15 Trivia Cubes with Remote Control. $1,429.00 $521.00
20 Trivia Cubes with Remote Control. $2,000.00 $600.00
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Wireless Buzzer - Trivia Cubes - No Computer Required - Remote Controlled

"Stand-Alone" = No computer required

  • Are you an educator looking to reinforce specific topics with your students?
  • Do you need a wireless buzzer game as easy as possible to set up and use?
  • Are you looking to improve your business prospects, entertain your customers and have venue owners clamoring to book your services?
  • Are you looking to embrace new technology to give your trivia night the edge?
  • Do you want your players leaving your trivia night eager to return?
  • Do you require something that looks and feels professional?

The Trivia Cubes is the system you are looking for!


Wireless Buzzers Trivia Cubes - Cutting-Edge Technology

DigiGames presents the most innovative, creative, and adaptable remote-controlled buzzer system on the market created and designed with both the player and the "game show host" in mind. Hassle-free, easy to use, and extremely fun to play Trivia Cubes are at the cutting edge of trivia technology – where DigiGames has always been.


wireless buzzer stand alone remote controlled


Wireless Trivia Buzzer Systems

Perfect for the Classroom


Our wireless trivia buzzer systems are used by educators worldwide for reinforcing topics within the classroom, team-building games, fundraisers, and increasing student's scores.  Trivia is a proven method for teaching in a fun game show style manner and increasing student retention in the topics you turn into a quiz show.   Youths love touching and feeling a real game show buzzer.   They also love flashing lights and earning points.  All our products are durable under any conditions, meaning that the most eager of students excited to buzz in will not damage the buzzer.  Educators love that there is no computer required to use these wireless buzzers.


Mobile Trivia Hosts: Get Bookings

Trivia is a competitive industry and you need to stand out from the crowd. Initially, you need to make sure you are getting booked and what better way to impress in a sales pitch than to have the innovative, creative, and visually stunning trivia cubes on hand to make sure you are hired! It is going to be so much more appealing heading into a venue with these cubes than trying to sell a pen-and-paper quiz event!  Clients love to hear that the show will be a success without the concern of any computer failure.  This is because with our stand-alone wireless buzzer trivia systems there is no computer required.

Appealing to Trivia Players

Trivia players are always on the lookout for something different and something fresh to entertain them. Your job as a host is to get people into the venues and one surefire way of doing that is to embrace new technology. With Trivia Cubes your job as a trivia host just got easier.  Combine that with your custom trivia questions and you have an all-round package that will entertain and excite players leaving them thirsty for more! If YOU aren’t embracing technology your rivals will. In the cutthroat world of the trivia business, this could be a vital difference between success and failure!


Hassle-free and Easy to Use

The Trivia Cubes Wireless Buzzer Systems are easy, simple, and quick to set up and operate. As a trivia host, we appreciate you do not want to spend time with computers and software.  DigiGames has designed the wireless trivia buzzer systems for this environment!


Stand-Alone Wireless Buzzer

The stand-alone version does not even require a computer making it far easier for you to control the game and requiring less equipment for your night. Perfect for the trivia host who enjoys traveling light or if you have restrictions on space or you want to be able to do a spontaneous trivia show without having to bring a computer and launch a software game.


The Perfect Game Show Feel

Using the appealing, visually striking, and professional Trivia Cubes will help your players feel as if they are part of a real TV game show. Combine these with your presentation, lights, effects, and backdrops and you can turn any venue into something close to a game show studio. Trivia Cubes are perfect for Trivia nights in venues and for corporate occasions.


Used for Any Occasions

The Trivia Cubes Wireless Buzzer System has another major strength – it can literally be used on any trivia occasion. Trivia nights in bars, fundraisers, and corporate functions. Birthday parties, post-prom parties, academic quizzes….you name it and the Trivia Cubes will provide fun, reliability, and entertainment from start to finish.

remote controlled wireless buzzer


Wireless Buzzers Trivia Cubes - Why add these to your trivia events?

Entertainers and educators around the world appreciate these wireless buzzers due to these key reasons:


  • No monthly fees and no internet required!
  • This stand-alone version works without a computer. You have complete and direct control of the system with a provided remote control ("Host Remote" included with the purchase of 5 or more wireless buzzers).
  • First contestant who rings in locks out the other contestants.
  • The wireless buzzers light up to provide identification of who buzzed in first.
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Made from shock-resistant durable ABS - ideal for extreme abuse applications.
  • Combine together as many as 800 stand-alone Trivia Cubes.
  • Measuring 4 inches cubed (10cm x 10cm x 12cm), your entire trivia quiz game show system is easy to transport.
  • Out of the box with a 500' range (150 meters).
  • Easy changeable AAA batteries last 2 years or 50 quiz shows of normal use (batteries included).
  • Easily expandable.  You can buy some now and add more to your existing system later.


wireless game show triviawireless game show buzzer


Check out our carry case for 10 player buzzers or our carry case for 16 player buzzers or our carry case for 20 player buzzers.  (Sold separately)


1. Ask your question. Trivia players 'buzz in' with their answers by pressing on their wireless buzzer.

2. The player to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer BLINK, signaling that he or she has the 'go-ahead' to answer the question. All other player buzzers do not light up to signify that their buzzers are deactivated.

3. If the answer is wrong: Press the CONTINUE button on the "Host Remote". The player will be locked out and cannot ring in again. Any other incorrect players during the question session are also locked out.

4.  If the answer is correct: Press the RESET button. All the buzzers will release and the next question can now be asked.


DigiGames is a market leader in the design, creation, and implementation of cutting-edge trivia technology. With over 2 decades of experience, we provide a reliable, passionate, and trustworthy service to meet your trivia needs. As with all our products the Trivia Cubes Wireless Buzzer System comes with ongoing support from your dedicated and professional customer service teams. Our ambition is for our customers to succeed and we will do everything we can to make that happen by not only providing quality, appealing, and exciting products but giving you the support you require.

EXCITEMENT, FUN, and INNOVATION for your players, APPEAL, PROFESSIONALISM, and PROFIT for you! Order your personal set of cubes today!

All DigiGames products include a 1-year full warranty.

NOTE: The remote control ("Host Remote") is not included when less than 5 Trivia Cube buzzers are ordered. Your order of 5 Trivia Cubes or more will include a host remote. If your order is less than 5 Trivia Cubes you can order the host remote separately.

More Details





1. Turn on the game show system and the Host Remote.

2. Ask a trivia question.

3. The participant to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer light up, signaling that he or she has the 'go-ahead' to answer the question. All other participant buzzers do not light up to signify that their buzzers are deactivated.

4. If a contestant's answer is wrong: Press 'NO' on the Host Remote. Other contestants now have the opportunity to answer. If a contestant's answer is correct: Press 'YES' on the Host Remote. All the buzzers will release and a new question session can begin.

5. Repeat until all the questions have been used in the session and declare a winner and give them a prize (bragging rights work too!).








  • Made from durable ABS plastic with colored rubber side bumpers - ideal for extreme abuse applications.
  • Each unit measures 4 inches cubed (10cm x 10cm x 12cm). Your entire trivia quiz game show system is easy to transport.
  • Out of the box with a 500’ or greater range.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Each Trivia Cube includes AAA batteries.








  • Bar/Club/Restaurant Trivia - Like karaoke, people love to be in the limelight. Add something fresh and new to your events and bring something fresh and unique to the venue.
  • Bridal Trivia - Bridesmaids and groomsmen answer questions about the bride and groom during dinner. Additional variations include in-laws against in-laws. Use during rehearsal dinner the night before in a Feud style format.
  • Corporate Events - Contestants answer questions about the company, products of the company, company procedures, fellow employees, or general pop culture trivia. Employee training and seminar recaps are also popular uses.
  • Anniversary, Birthday, and Family Reunion Parties - Highlight important people by having audience members answer trivia questions about them.
  • Retirement Homes - Bring something fresh and new to the seniors there. Perform 'Remember When.....' trivia and bring a nostalgic mood to the event.
  • Schools/Academics - Use for classroom training, student participation and team building, post-prom parties, fundraisers, and other after-school activities. Trivia Cubes are perfect for increasing students' test scores by using test questions as part of a trivia game prior to the test.
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah - Kids love trivia! Especially when answering questions about each other.
  • Church/Religious Functions - Useful for fundraisers, youth group training and activities, team building and problem-solving.
  • Trade Shows - Draw attention to your exhibit booth by performing trivia. When your exhibit booth is surrounded by a crowd of people, your product or service will be highlighted, your time is maximized in educating the public, and your company will stand out over the competition.
  • Home Use - Parents can help their children learn in a fun-style trivia format. Use questions from past quizzes to better prepare them for future tests and help them to increase their test scores.




What is Included




  • The number of buzzers you order (as specified above).
  • Host Remote with the purchase of 5 or more buzzers. The host remote allows you to control the system from a distance. The host remote has controls that allow you to reset contestants, lock them out, and enable/disable sound effects. If your order is less than 5 Trivia Cubes you can order the host remote separately.
  • AAA Batteries.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Phone and email support for life.




Special Notes


Special Notes:

This is a Stand-Alone product. You can also consider our computer-controlled products with software games.


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