Wireless Lighting Automation - 10 spot lights

Wireless Lighting Automation - 10 spot lights

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Wireless lighting automation center for 10 spot lights (spot lights not included).

Lighting Automation Center

Are you running a trivia show with lighting effects? Do you want to create that game show feel and give your trivia night a professional look? Do you want a product that will help boost business and attract customers? Then the Lighting Automation Center from DigiGames is the product you have been searching for.

The Lighting Automation Center aids you in controlling the lighting displays in your trivia night; in fact the Lighting Automation Center does the work for you leaving you to concentrate of being a great host. The Lighting Automation Center automatically lights up over a player who has buzzed in to answer questions and automatically refreshes when the answer has been processed. The contestants will love the game show feel, the audience will love the spectacle and above all else your venue owner will love the business! It’s a win win situation for all involved!

Also, think about your marketing. How appealing will your website look with videos and pictures of the Lighting Automation Center in full flow? This will certainly attract more business at the upper end of the market and turn your trivia business around.

Benefits of the Lighting Automation Center

  • Give your trivia show that game show feel
  • Maximize the enjoyment of the players involved
  • Give a professional and appealing impression
  • Attract customers and retain players

    As with all DigiGames products you can be assured of reliability, durability and quality from a team who have been delivering cutting edge trivia products for over 15 years. The customer service team is passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated and more importantly at your disposal to support you with the Lighting Automation Center from installation to full use.

    Note: The spot light or lighting effect you plug into the automation center must require 110 VAC @ 15 amps MAX!

    How it works: Envision this: Player 3 presses his button and is the first to ring in. Player 3 suddenly lights up with a spot light that you have pointed at him whether he is sitting at his table in the audience or in a line of other contestants on stage.

    This wireless accessory provides a fantastic true-to-life game show experience by turning on a light to light up the 'fastest hand'. First contestant who rings in, the lighting automation center is instructed by our software games to 'turn on' (supply power) to your 110 VAC spot light or lighting effect. The light is automatically turned off for the next contestant to ring in.

    All DigiGames products include a 1 year full warranty.

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