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DigiGames Software Upgrades


Upgrade your software games to the latest features. Our free software upgrades help you make more money with your wireless buzzers and quiz game systems by adding new features to help any trivia host around the world.  The first 4 games, namely "The Trivia Party Pack" of games emulate long-standing games that have spanned over decades of time and continue to be very popular.  These games emulate Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Hollywood Squares but with many optional twists to those games to ensure that you have all the tools and options to make each event you do unique and fun.

All the games below work with all of our wireless trivia buzzer hardware systems.  The software games do not work with any of our remote controlled wireless quiz buzzers.




PARTY PACK GAME #1: Trivia Board Pro 4

Jeopardy Software Game
Trivia "Party Pack" Latest Release: August 3rd 2018, or newer.

Click the image above to download Trivia Board for R3 or R4 wireless buzzer systems.  For legacy systems, including R1 and R2 wireless buzzers (made prior to Jan 1, 2010) or serial controlled V-Stations download our legacy version of Trivia Board.



PARTY PACK GAME #2: Trivia Squares

Hollywood Squares Software Game
Trivia Squares Latest Release: November 13th 2016.  Help screen will still show July 8th 2016.


PARTY PACK GAME #3: Trivia Feud

Family Feud Software Game
Trivia Feud Latest Release: June 13th, 2018.

Click the image above to download Trivia Feud for R3 or R4 wireless buzzer systems.  For legacy systems, including R1 and R2 wireless buzzers (made prior to Jan 1, 2010) or serial controlled V-Stations download our legacy version of Trivia Feud.


PARTY PACK GAME #4: Trivia Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Software Game
Trivia Fortune Latest Release: April 12th 2018.

Click the image above to download Trivia Fortune for R3 or R4 wireless buzzer systems.  For legacy systems, including R1 and R2 wireless buzzers (made prior to Jan 1, 2010) or serial controlled V-Stations download our legacy version of Trivia Fortune.




Who Wants to be a Millionaire Software Game
Trivia Ladder Pro Latest Release: August 21st, 2018

Non-PRO version of Trivia Ladder (Original)
Trivia Ladder (Original) Latest Release: October 7th 2016, or newer


Music Bingo Software

If you do not know whether your computer is 32 or 64-bit, hold the "Windows" button (left of your space bar) and press the "Pause" button.

Click to Download Extreme Bingo for WINDOWS 32-BIT Windows Latest Release: July 15th 2017, or newer. 

Click to Download Extreme Bingo for WINDOWS 64-BIT Windows Latest Release: July 15th 2017, or newer. 

Click to Download Extreme Bingo for MAC Mac Latest Release: July 15th 2017, or newer


Talent Hunt

American Idol Judging Software Tool
Talent Hunt Latest Release: January 18th 2017, or newer


Invent Your Own Game
QuizMaster Release Date: March 29th 2018, or newer

Trivia Retriever

Weekly Trivia Subscription
Trivia Retriever Release Date: August 12th 2017, or newer

Take it or Leave it

Deal or No Deal Software Game
Take It 'er Leave It Latest Release: April 11th 2016, or newer

Audience Poll Pro

Audience Polling Software Game
Audience Poll Pro Latest Release: June 29th 2016, or newer


Extreme Quiz Lite

Standby for details.  Extreme Quiz Lite takes QuizMaster to an entirely new level!

Download Extreme Quiz Lite

Latest Release: September 7th, 2018, or newer

Play On Words

7 new word games in one program!  Standby for details.

Download Play On Words

Latest Release: July 7th, 2018, or newer

Buzzer Messenger

Assign letters, words, phrases to each buzzer press.  Buzzer messenger allows you to:

  • 'Send' a customized character to some other software game (A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and any punctuation mark).  Sending a customizable character allows our buzzers to interact with other software games by other companies.
  • Show a phrase on the secondary screen like "Take a picture of the Bride and Groom".
  • Assign prizes to each of your buzzers.  Players randomly press a buzzer to see what prize they won.
  • Display a physical challenge message on the projector screen or house TV's with just the push of a buzzer.

Each buzzer can be customized with it's own characters, word, or phrase which can be sent to another software program or displayed on the secondary screen.  More details coming soon!

Download Buzzer Messenger

Latest Release: March 23rd 2017, or newer

Extreme Timer

Extreme Timer allows you to play timer based games where the first one to complete a challenge wins the game.  A jumbo customizable count-up or count-down timer displays where a contestant is at over the course of the timed challenge.  Your wireless buzzer system can be used to control a single or multiple timers, up to 10 total visible timers.

More details coming soon!

Download Extreme Timer

Latest Release: August 10th 2017, or newer


With a single click you can turn on all the LED's on your gaming system, by clicking "on".  Click "off" to turn them off.  Click to Download


This handy little program will allow you to test your R3 or R4 buzzers prior to the start of your event to ensure that the buzzers are fully functional and your batteries have a sufficient charge.  You can alleviate the challenge "My buzzer doesn't work!" by having each player press their buzzer one-by-one.  Use of a projector or other external video device will show each player's buzzer press giving them the confidence that their buzzer is fully functional. - Download Buzzer Tester

Extreme Audience Polling

All DigiGames "Legacy Games" are being rebuilt from the ground up in a newer, more modern programming language.  Extreme Audience Polling is a rebuild of Audience Poll Pro and takes the concept of audience polling to an entirely new level.  More details to come soon!   - Download Extreme Audience Polling

Latest Release: September 29th 2017, or newer

Trivia Studio Controller

Wirelessly send names and scores to any V-Station system from your own computer.  This free program is perfect for entertainers who want to control their V-Station system without running an actual game.  Use this program if you have invented your own game, are doing physical challenges, or to display Scavenger Hunt points earned on a V-Station series game show system.   Trivia Studio Controller is compatible with any V-Station LE, V-Station, or V-Station Pro running "Trivia Studio" made since January 2016.   Download Trivia Studio Controller

Latest Release:  September 29th 2017, or newer

R3, R4 Wireless Device Tester for Windows and Mac - Download Wireless Buzzer Tester
Latest Release: April 13th 2016, or newer

Extreme Bingo DeRegister Verifier - Extreme Bingo DR Verify

JRE Files for Java Debugging - Download JRE Files

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Latest Release: April 25th 2018, or newer

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