Bargain Buzzer

Bargain Buzzer

Are you looking for a way to raise your trivia business, increase your bookings and host a unique trivia occasion that will boost your profits? Then investing in a bargain buzzer from the established and well respected trivia suppliers, DigiGames, is your route to achieving these goals.


Gone are the days when you would be required to take out a bank loan to invest in trivia related products and now a bargain buzzer is in the arsenal of all good, successful trivia hosts. Prices have tumbled and you can buy easy to use, professional and durable buzzers from DigiGames for a fraction of what you perhaps previously believed the cost to be! Browse the DigiGames catalog and website now and you will see for yourself!  Click here to view our wide assortment of wireless buzzer options that don't break the bank.


bargain buzzers

Click the image above to view our Trivia Cubes, our most popular wireless buzzer game system.  Software included.


But do not for one minute think that because you are going to buy a bargain buzzer than the quality will suffer. DigiGames prides itself on creating quality, durable and innovative products that will entertain your audience and give you, as a host, a hassle free experience. The choice is obvious….do you want to be left behind in the trivia hosting industry or do you want cutting edge products from a supplier with a proven track record of aiding trivia hosts across the land to boost their business?


One fear trivia hosts often express when it comes it using and investing in technology is the skill and technical knowledge required to assemble it and get the devices up and running. Well fear not, that worry can be cast aside as all DigiGames products are easy to set up, simple to run and once you have started using them you will be wondering how you survived without technology for this long! Investment in a bargain buzzer system can really be the start of your business starting to grow and the initial investment will start to reap rewards before you know it!


Why Use Bargain Buzzers?


So why use a buzzer system at all let alone a bargain buzzer? The answer is simple, it brings a whole new unique feel to your trivia occasion.  Used in the right way, and perhaps used alongside bar trivia systems, the pub will be instilled with a game show feel unlike any other! Customers will respond to the innovation and with the level of customization built into all DigiGames products you can create a trivia night that is both unique and successful. (….and along with our fantastic support blog written by a trivia expert you can find yourself with a range of information and advice on your hands to really take your business to the next level). The trivia industry is a very competitive one and you need to make sure you are doing all you can to make the services you offer stand out and ensure that when it comes to being booked for gigs, you are the one they turn to!


Reliable Bargain Buzzers

DigiGames itself has been supplying a vast array of products to the trivia market for the past 15 years and has a reputation of being innovative, reliable and cutting edge. If you are looking for an affordable buzzer option to really boost your trivia night then it goes without saying that DigiGames is the wise choice. Not only are the products constantly at the cutting edge, but they can be relied upon to perform at the highest possible standard and last a lifetime. With lifetime updates thrown in you won’t have to shell out every time the software changes. Throw in the fact that you are provided with reliable round the clock, effective customer service and a blog, updated daily, to provide hints, tips and advice on the latest trivia industry news, products and general information to support your business, and what you have is a universal support system to help you make as much profit from your business as possible.

Order your reliable bargain buzzers today!  The investment in technology is easy to consider and as cited above, the choice to go with DigiGames is a wise one. Never again will you be reliant on traditional methods and running an outdated quiz, with the help of the trusted products and expert advice from DigiGames you are your new game show system will be the talk of the trivia world!

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