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DigiGames Software Development Kit


For over 15 years DigiGames has been at the cutting edge of trivia technology creating the most innovative, dynamic and creative hardware and software products on the market. With our dedicated team we have been able to develop numerous software games that have entertained millions of players across the world.  We pride ourselves on being able to stay ahead of our rivals. We have always focused on our systems being customizable and able to be adapted to meet the needs of our customers to entertain and improve their business. Now, we have taken a step further by introducing the DigiGames Software Development Kit, the ultimate tool in writing customized software for use with DigiGames software.

The DigiGames Software Development Kit contains example code to aid you written in VB6 and .Net/C#. In addition, the kit includes DLL and instructions for using DLL to send and receive data to the many wireless devices offered by DigiGames. We always put the customer first and these additions are vital and essential steps in your path to making the DigiGames Software Development Kit work for you!

Above all else the DigiGames Software Development Kit ensures that you can create exactly the kind of trivia night you like and develop your own software games that suits the needs of you, your players and the people who hire you. If you begin to think about the opportunities the kit offers your creative juice will start flowing.


  • Invent your own new and unique timing scales for questions and answers
  • Develop software to interact with the reading and lightning of the buzzers in unique ways
  • Advance on current formats and ideas by adding your own twists
  • Scoring systems, methods and player elimination ideas
  • Handicapping and prize giving potentials
  • Randomize elements of your trivia night
  • User selection of topics and difficulty level
  • Replicate game shows and trivia formats you know and love
  • Unrestricted by current models and trends, make the night your own

    The possibilities with the DigiGames Software Development Kit are endless. For the small investment now, you can continue to develop until your heart is content. There is nothing else like this on the market and with the unique nature of the program combined with the experience, reliability and knowledge of the DigiGames within the industry, you are onto a sure fire winner!

    As with all DigiGames products you can be guaranteed strong support from your dedicated and passionate customer service team who will be on hand to help you with any questions which may arise throughout your experience with DigiGames Software Development Kit.

    If you have entry level of above programming skills and are full of ideas then the DigiGames Software Development Kit is the tool for you. Truly make your events unique by embracing your ideas and turning them into a reality using our innovative tools. Put in the time and effort with the DigiGames Software Development Kit and only your imagination is the limitation. Improve customer retention, boost bookings and make your event unique – invest in the DigiGames Software Development Kit today and you will begin to reap the rewards.

    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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