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DJ for Trivia - Wireless Buzzers


DigiGames has produces DJ for Trivia systems for any trivia based event.  Our wireless buzzers are used extensively by DJ entertainers, school teachers, event planners, cruise ships, bridal consultants, employee trainers and team-building companies. 



DJ Trivia Game



TM-140 Audience Response Keypad

DJ for Trivia wireless buzzers will add something fun and unique for all your events.  Use the DJ for trivia buzzers to enhance weddings, bridal shows, corporate events, school fundraisers, holiday parties or anywhere there is a party!

With creativity you can develop many different scenarios to use these wireless buzzers:

  • Using the wireless buzzers for teaching or training applications - where the buzzers can be used to notify the game show host if there are any questions
  • Integrating game type scenarios in the classroom or office
  • Incorporating quizzes where the wireless buzzers are used to lock out other contestants to answer questions
  • Audience response type situations where the wireless buzzer can be used by the audience to respond


Wireless Buzzer Game with Software

How DJ for Trivia Wireless Buzzers Work


  1. The host would ask a question. Participants can then 'buzz in' with their answers by pressing on the wireless buzzer.
  2. The participant to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer blink (certain models blink or light up), signaling that he or she has the 'go-ahead' to answer the question. All other participant buzzers do not light up to signify that their buzzers are deactivated.
  3. If answer is wrong the host would press the CONTINUE button on the host remote. The player's buzzer will be locked out and cannot ring in again. Any other incorrect contestants during the question session are also locked out.
  4. If a contestant's answer is correct the host would press the RESET button and all the buzzers will release and a new question session can begin.


How Computer-Controlled DJ for Trivia Buzzers Work

The computer-controlled wireless buzzers work with the software that is included with most DigiGames systems. The Party Pack Software includes Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Fortune, and Trivia Squares with licenses for 2 computers. The computer will then control the locking and unlocking of the buzzers depending on the game you are playing.



Integrating DJ for Trivia Wireless Buzzers - Work Place


Wireless buzzer game show systems can be integrated into the workplace in many different situations. These included:

  • Engage audiences by incorporating into activities for presentations
  • Integrating into power point presentations to interaction with your audience
  • Marketing Strategy: as an integrated game at trade shows, conferences, fairs, or retail locations
  • Optimize workplace and corporate training through different learning solutions


Integrating Wireless Buzzers - Education


DJ for Trivia systems can also be integrated into the classroom with some creativity. Some applications of game show systems include:

  • Develop interactive activities to summarize the course materials
  • Speed testing and training for math problems
  • Develop a game show system to show knowledge for information learned about a subject
  • Allow students to create interactive games and projects for other students

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