Extra Stand Alone Dedicated Host Remote

Extra Stand Alone Dedicated Host Remote

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Extra Host Remote for Stand-Alone Wireless Game Show Buzzers


A Host Remote is generally included with the initial purchase of any of our Dedicated Stand-Alone systems, and you can purchase additional Host Remotes to have the peace of mind of having an extra one. Also, additional Dedicated Host Remotes allow you to 'split' your system any way you want so that you can perform trivia in multiple locations simultaneously with a single system.

For example, if you have a 10-player stand-alone system, all 10 buzzers can come together for a game for 10 competing contestants. However, with an extra remote control, 5 units can go to one event, and 5 can go to yet another event and each of the 5 player systems will be fully functional. Or you can split the 10-player system as 2 at one location and 8 at another, or 3/7 or 4/6, or any quantity you wish!

Note: This remote will only work with any of DigiGames' Dedicated Stand-Alone systems, like the Trivia Cubes and Trivia Towers.  It will not work with any of our computer-controlled systems. 

All DigiGames products include a 1-year full warranty.

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