QuizMaster-Invent Your Own Game

QuizMaster-Invent Your Own Game

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Which events succeed the best and make the most money for both the venue and their hosts? It is the events which are unique and creative QuizMaster will help you achieve this by providing you with the tools and easy options to make your night exactly what you want it to be. No more sticking to set formulas or adapting to a specific software format, like Jeopardy. The software adapts to you and the only limit is your creativity.

  • QuizMaster is the most flexible leader board software on the market without question!
  • QuizMaster is innovative, one stop software tool to allow you to create a leader board to suit any kind of trivia event you intend to run.
  • Put your mind to it, think of the scoring and leader board system you require and QuizMaster will do the rest of the hard work for you.
  • Completely customizable, completely innovative and completely at the mercy of your imagination.  QuizMaster is the leader board tool you have been seeking! 

    All the tools are present for you to be able to create a unique and competitive trivia night that delivers on fun, excitement and enjoyment and will have your players flocking back to the venue week after week after. Here are just some of the additional benefits of the product:
  • Support for up to 50 players giving everyone a chance to join in and see their progress.
  • Either Automatic or Manual scoring functions.
  • Automatic lockout feature to identify "Who's First".
  • Inbuilt and fully customizable sound effects.
  • Stylish and entertaining animations.
  • Adjustable skins, fonts and backgrounds.

Timers, game length adjustments and the ability to impose punishments. 

By now you should be starting to get the feel of what makes QuizMaster such an appealing product. DigiGames have created the basis for you to be able to run a trivia night like no other and ensure your players have a night to remember. 

You can rely on the enthusiastic and professional customer service team at DigiGames to support you with QuizMaster whatever your needs may be. With a pride in customer service we will not stop until you are satisfied and have a profitable and hassle-free experience with the system. 

No matter what trivia occasion you are running whether it be a trivia night in a bar, a fundraiser, a corporate event, a wedding or indeed any of the wide range of occasions on which trivia hosts may be booked, this software will enhance your night, entertain your players, make YOUR job easier and above all else give off that professional image you are aiming for that will result in you being booked time and time again. 

DigiGames have been presenting innovative, customizable and break through trivia technology for over 15 years and you can be assured of a reliable, effective and appealing product that will enhance your trivia occasion by thrilling and exciting your audience. The Trivia business is a tough market to crack with a lot of competition and a race to get hired.QuizMaster may just be the tool that will give you that extra edge over rivals, keep you ahead of the competition and ensure that when there is trivia to be booked.  YOU are the one that gets the call. 


QuizMaster is your one-stop program where you need attractive leader-board software that does almost anything you can think of so that you are free to invent your own games. QuizMaster is an easy-to-use score tracker with support for 2 to 50 players or teams. QuizMaster contains all the necessary tools to invent your own games with the ability to completely customize: 

  • Rules of game play
  • Automatic and manual scoring functionality
  • 'Whose first' identification with automatic lockout feature
  • Factory default and customizable sound effects
  • Classy animations
  • Completely adjustable skins (Fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc)
  • Supports your company logo and branding
  • Timers
  • Game length
  • Penalties
  • If you invent your own games - look no further! QuizMaster will support it, whether it is for trivia or physical challenge events.
  • If you have a wireless buzzer or V-Station system from DigiGames, QuizMaster is a must-have essential tool for any format you can imagine.

Like all of DigiGames software games, QuizMaster makes use of dual monitors - a basic resource on all laptops providing a fantastic leader board (scoreboard) on your projector screen for the contestants and audience. This feature alone makes this leader-board software exceptionally unique. 


Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. 
Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.

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