Audience Polling Keypad

Audience Polling Wireless Keypad

As the trivia industry becomes more dependant on technology and as trivia hosts around the world invest heavily in technology to boost their business and increase their bookings, you do not want to be left behind.

  • Are you looking for a way in which to attract more business and keep up with the local competition and their ever expanding technological devices?
  • Are you trying to impress increasing numbers of venue owners by getting them to book you and need the technology to back you up?
  • Are you looking for a simple audience polling keypad system with software games that is both affordable and easy to set up?
  • Are you working in the education sector looking to enhance the learning experience?
  • Do you want to bring your students together with some fun interactive trivia based games that will not only help you deliver the content you are aiming to teach but to also help build essential team working skills?


Then maybe it is about time you considered the Audience Polling Keypad devices from DigiGames, as they can turn your business on it’s head!


audience polling keypad


Indeed, the Audience Polling Keypad and the level of customization and flexibility inherent in them, just as you get with every product from DigiGames, means that they can be adapted to suit any environment. The Audience Polling Keypad, including the likes of the Trivia Pad, can achieve this.  Click the image above to view DigiGames Trivia Pads


Maybe you are hosting a seminar or staff training sessions and need an extra way to make sure the staff leave with a smile on their face or at least leave knowing the information you have been trying to convey?  Again the Audience Polling Keypad’s can help. Both adults and children alike will respond the attractive, innovative and unique nature of the Audience Polling Keypad systems available from DigiGames. If you really want to get ahead in training or indeed in business, then this is the step to take.


…..and what is even more appealing about the Audience Polling Keypad systems available from DigiGames is that they are affordable! You certainly won’t break the bank purchasing items like the Trivia Pads.  With financing also available you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Indeed, it is not just the affordability that makes the Audience Polling Keypad systems available from DigiGames easy to get going with, the fact that they are made with users in mind means you can have a game of anything running in a matter of moments. We built the systems with you in mind and want to create a hassle free, user friendly experience every time. No need to spend hours preparing and planning, just plug in and play!


Audience Polling Keypad - For profit, fun and education


Indeed, the Audience Polling Keypad systems available from DigiGames are compatible with the wide range of software also available from DigiGames. Whether you are looking for something truly unique like Trivia Board Pro, our version of Jeopardy which support multiple choice answers and audience polling, or seeking something a little more akin to the type of game shows you seen on TV, we can cater it here at DigiGames. Create that true game show feel with the Audience Polling Keypad systems available from DigiGames, get everybody involved and give them a trivia experience they will not forget in a hurry.

The profits made from polling the audience with a wireless keypad device are significant.  The benefit of having an audience response wireless keypad from DigiGames is that every player gets to participate in every question, not just the first person to ring in.  This provides a better level of fun and excitement since no players will ever be discouraged from playing because other players keep buzzing in first.

For education purposes, these keypads are idea.  Whether in the school, corporate training, or public education events, having multiple choice answers with the ability to submit a guess with an ABCD keypad is pure gold.


Audience Polling Keypad - Reliability


DigiGames has been providing Audience Polling Keypad systems and software to the industry for the best of twenty years and this experience and knowledge is unmatched anywhere else. At the end of the day, you don’t survive in the trivia industry for long without having the quality products and level of customer satisfaction to back it up. Forget the rest, if you want the best possible level of customer experience try DigiGames. No where else will you gain the expert experience, the passionate desire to serve and the unique level of lifetime updates as you do with DigiGames. Match this with our daily support blog giving the latest hints, tips and information from the trivia world and you have an unrivaled support package!


When all is considered the benefits of a wireless keypad system that allows you to poll the audience are obvious.  They can truly turn round your trivia night into something unique, appealing and profit making. Coupled with DigiGames experience in the industry and unique support and you cannot really go wrong. Without delay, head over to the DigiGames site and browse through the Audience Polling Keypad systems today and start the next path to boosting your business beyond what you may possibly have ever imagined.

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