Build Your Own Gameshow

Build Your Own Gameshow

  • Are you looking to develop your own game show?
  • Are you seeking the very finest cutting edge equipment to make your game show stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you looking for products that will stand you out above all your rivals?


Then fear not, DigiGames can help you develop your game show with pre-developed light weight portable game systems that only take a few minutes to set up. With user friendly systems, affordable prices and a proven track record in the trivia industry, DigiGames is the natural choice for trivia hosts worldwide looking to build their own gameshow..


build your own game show


DigiGames produces many innovative and exciting games so that you can easily build your own game show in exactly the way you desire. With a vast degree of customization that ensures you can create the exact game show experience you are looking for, and a dedicated support team on hand to guide you through your game show creation every step of the way, there can be only one choice when you are seeking a company to help you build your own game show…..and that’s DigiGames.

Whether it is for a small low-budget application or for larger television and broadcasting applications we have everything you need here with a professional look, the latest market-leading technology and reliability of performance including:

1.  Wireless transmitters and receivers.  Wireless push-buttons and the computer USB receiver picks up the signal.

2.  Jumbo game show style push buttons.  We have a variety of push buttons in different colors and sizes.

3.  Lighting controllers.  Our wireless transmitters have outputs which allow you to turn lights on at will, whether it is LED lights, banks of LED lights, flood lights, pin spots, etc.

4.  API controls.  We can assist you with the development of your own quiz software using our SDK.  The SDK provide real use of the technology in VB6 or .NET so that you can interface your custom software program with DigiGames technology.

5.  'Brain Box' (V-Station LE - DIY Game Show System).  Using our brain box technology, you can interface multiple monitors to the box and show the scores of each contestant and also easily provide monitor identification of which contestant was first.

6.  Leader board software.  We have various software tools that provide an attractive leader-board for your custom built game show.

....and much more!  Just let us know the details of your project and our engineering team will go to work to assist you in your efforts to Build Your Own Game Show! With unrivalled experience and a customer service approach that puts you at the heart of all decision, you will  not be let down by the DigiGames team and receive a product and system that you are proud to have been part of.

All of the products come with the assurance that they have been tried and tested by trivia hosts around the globe and with almost two decades of experience in the industry you can be assured of dealing with staff who have the knowledge and the passion you need to get your trivia gameshow off the ground!


How to get started - Build Your Own Gameshow


You may want to consider some of our pre-built wireless buzzer systems, which have been used by trivia hosts for the best part of the past two decades. However, we fully understand you are here because we don't have EXACTLY what you are looking for.  You may be looking for inspiration from experience professionals.  No problem!  Let us know your requirements and we can supply you a 'kit' for you to build your own game show system.  We will support every step of the way to ensure you leave the process with a product that suits both you and your audience. This is professional, quality and reliable equipment we supply, not some cheap game show buzzer lockout system. The options are endless with DigiGames and the only limit to how creative you can be is your imagination!


build your own gameshow


How Our Custom Built Systems Work:

1. The hosts asks a question
2. The quickest player will buzz in first
3. The system locks out the other buzzers
4. Scores are counted according to correct answers

There are many game show software systems that we have developed and current systems can easily be customized for each client or audience. All systems are user-friendly and place you, the trivia host and your customers at the heart of the games. Within minutes you will have the systems up and running and see the profits start rolling in.


build your own gameshow system


Here is a list of some of the stock game systems we have:

- V-Station LE (DIY Game Show System)
- V-Station 2 Player System
- TM-120 Wireless Game Show Buzzer - Stand Alone
- TM-120 Wireless Game Show Buzzer - With Software
- TM-195 Wireless Game Show Buzzer - Computer Controlled
- Take It er Leave It (With Software)

Looking for a custom game system? Custom Built Systems include:
- Timing and Scoring Systems
- As Seen on TV Systems


Click on any of the above items to learn more about each product or software system. You will receive the service, affordability and product quality DigiGames offers better than from anywhere else on the market.  So without delay, get onto the site and look through the products today.

Best of all, all systems include all the necessary cables, over the phone training, personal delivery/training (additional fee), and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with 1-year warranty.

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