Audience Polling Game

Audience Polling Game

  • Are you looking for a way in which to get everybody in the room involved in your trivia occasions?
  • Are you running a trivia show and want to make sure the audience are engaged, involved and have a good time?
  • Are you looking to add elements to your game that involve an Audience Polling Game to ensure  variety and diversity?


Then you have came to the right place. DigiGames has been providing Audience Polling Game devices and other such tools for the best part of 2 decades! No where else can you be guaranteed the quality, reliability and professionalism of the Audience Polling Game systems from DigiGames.


What can an Audience Polling Game bring to your trivia occasion?

The answer is fun fun fun. Variety is the key to success in the trivia industry and the more you can offer the more customers your are going to attract and the more business you are going to create! An Audience Polling Game can really bring in the trivia participants to local bars and restaurants.  People demand multiple choice answers.  The professional, valuable and reliable equipment will impress them to keep coming back and back time and time again.


audience polling game


Your Audience Polling Game can be used in several key ways, all of which will add an extra dynamic to your trivia occasion.  The Audience Polling Game can be used to introduce a fun, multiple choice style game to your event. This entirely changes the sort of services you offer and can bring in a whole new audience. Used in conjunction with the likes of the Trivia Pads (shown above) and the QandAtime cell phone trivia games (pictured below) you can easily create a unique experience for your audience. The multiple choice questions means everyone can be involved and at least take a guess at answers.  When used along with some of your innovative content, or high level content purchased from DigiGames, you can truly create a game show feel and an immersive and interactive experience for all!


audience polling game


In addition, perhaps you are running a trivia show where only a handful of players are on stage performing and taking part in the show. Maybe you have invested in the bar trivia games such as the Jeopardy-style game buzzer or games that mimic who wants to be a millionaire?  Then Audience Poll Pro game can help people get involved you aren’t playing! It keeps everyone interested, everyone in the venue and gives your trivia occasion a truly unique feel.


Why Invest in an Audience Polling Game?


Quite simply, these games make your quiz show hassle free for you as a host. There is no need to mark players as correct or incorrect, like in a fast-finger game.  Not only that, our games allow you to see a quick return on investment.  People have reason to come to your trivia shows and everything is made much easier for you. The scoring, right answers, timings and displays are all done without any fuss. Once the game is up and running, which it will be very quickly, it virtually runs itself.


Indeed, the uses of the Audience Polling Game are diverse. Are you working in an educational or training environment and looking to enhance the morale, learning or knowledge of the participants? Then adding an interactive, reliable and hassle free games will give your audience what they and you need. Given the extent to which you can customize the products to suit your audience and players, then this means whatever the occasion and whatever you are seeking to achieve can be easily done. All the system are easy to use, simple to set up and will provide you with everything you need.


This is due to the fact that as with all DigiGames products the Audience Polling Game systems and devices comes with a high level of customization built-in meaning you can create a game to suit you. In addition, the on-hand customer service support will give you everything you need to make sure your trivia night can run as hassle free and easy as possible!


When all things are considered, that you take into account what we have mentioned – the reliability of the products, the quality, the durability and the experience on hand from DigiGames as well as the way in which the Audience Polling Game can enhance you business, there is only really one solution to your needs….DigiGames!  Call us today with your questions, we are always glad to help!

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